What To Do When You Get A New Vape Kit!

Getting a new Vape Kit is, let's face it, one of the most exciting things ever when you're a vaper. That moment when the mailman leaves your mailbox, and you speedwalk out there to get your new gear - man, there's nothing quite like it. Here's the problem, if you're like me, you pretty much waste no time in getting that bad boy opened and start using it, and often that means completely forgetting to do a few things before you get started. If you forget to immediately start taking care of your vape when you open it up, there's a chance you could ruin it forever. Nobody wants that. So, in order to help you avoid that horrible situation, we've put together a nice checklist of steps to take before you start using your new Vape Kit! Check it out!

1. Read the manual: This might seem like the dumbest thing ever, especially if you've watched reviews and tutorials already, but it's actually a really important step. For example, I recently got myself a VooPoo…

The Best Tobacco Flavors at VistaVapors!

Still a smoker? Still love the delicious deep notes of Tobacco? No matter where you're coming from, has some of the best Tobacco flavors out there. We know where you're coming from, and we're here to help you find the Tobacco flavor that you can use all day, every day!

We start right off the bat with our Tobacco Sample pack. It's an awesome way to introduce yourself to a myriad of different flavors that you know you're going to love, as well as keep the cost of your vape juice purchase down! 
Included in the Tobacco Sample pack are the best Tobacco flavors available at VistaVapors, so today, we'll cover each of them and what the flavor profile is like! That way, you can make the choice to try them all, or if you read one that you know you're going to love, you can hop over to the website and give it a try!
1. American Tobacco: If you like vaping as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, you might be craving a tobacco-like taste. L…

The Best Mix Your Own Recipes at VistaVapors!

The Top 5 Mix Your Own Combinations at VistaVapors

One question that we get all the time from customers is: Do you have any ideas for good Mix Your Own recipes? We understand that this can be a problem for many people. With all of the options available, sometimes you just don't know where to turn. We have a quick and easy solution for you: read this blog! Today, we're going to cue you in on the Top 5 Mix Your Own combinations that customers have ordered from us in the past. Each recipe has a different twist to it, so you're bound to find something you love. We'll also include a couple of honorable mentions, so if you don't see something you're looking for in the Top 5, there will still be other ideas for you to try.

Mixing your own vape juice is difficult, and sometimes even dangerous, so we take care of it for you. When visiting our site, you can click the Mix Your Own option at the top of the page to take you straight to one of our most popular products of al…

How to Take Care of Your Vape in the Winter

If you're like those of us at VistaVapors, residing in the frozen tundra of the north, you're used to dealing with the woes of the cold. Unfortunately, those woes are present for nearly half the year, but our resilience (and the promise of incredible summers) keeps us here in the great state of Minnesota. Throughout the winter, it's inevitable that there will be times where your vape gets colder than it probably should, but if you manage to take the right steps to take care of it, the longevity and effectiveness of your device will not diminish in spite of the wintery conditions. In today's blog, we'll cover the steps we take to make sure our vapes don't suffer from the cold, and how you can prepare yourself for the inevitable moment when the cold creeps in when you're least prepared!

Keep Your Vape At Room Temp
Understandably, there will be times when you just cannot have your vape on your person or in a secure and warm place, but when possible, the best w…

Summary of Recent Vape Study: What We Can Take Away

As you may have seen in the news, reported first by Reuters and CNBC, researchers from the Queen Mary University of London recently completed a study comparing the effectiveness of nicotine-replacement therapies vs. e-cigarettes in helping smokers to quit. You may have read the article, or seen others trying to capitalize on the traffic for the CNBC story, but we wanted to give you the full scope of the results from the study. So, in today's blog, we'll cover the methodology, results, and conclusion from this study,  and what we can take away from it!

Methods [1]:
According to the report, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the methodology for this study was fairly simple. The participant group was assembled by randomly selecting attendees of the U.K. National Health Service stop-smoking services and randomly assigned them into one of two groups. Group 1 gave the attendees their choice of any nicotine-replacement therapy products and provided them with those prod…

Find a New ADV for 2019!

You might be a smoker right now, or you might be a current vaper; regardless of your smoking/vaping status, part of the beauty of vaping is the ability to change your vape juice whenever you'd like. Whether you've got an ADV already, or you're still searching for that go-to flavor, there's always another flavor out there ready for you to try.

Finding a reliable flavor is a huge part of quitting cigarettes for good. For those of you that have already made the complete switch, you know exactly what we're talking about. For some, the flavor that helps you quit smoking entirely doesn't end up being the flavor you continue to go back to along your vaping journey. For others, you find a flavor that helps you drop cigarettes and vape it until the end of time. For me personally, there are about 5 flavors I can continue to go back to and vape all day long, and in a way, that provides some security to my vaping journey. What if, for example, a flavor you love no longer …

The Best Method to Break-In Your New Coils

Although arguably the most important part of any vape experience is still the vape juice, one of the most important parts about getting started with your new vape coil is making sure it's broken-in properly. There aren't many worse things than burning out a fresh coil when it comes to vaping. That's not the only thing you need to keep your eye on, though, so in today's blog, we'll try to cover each and every detail necessary for breaking in your newest vape coils. Without further ado, let's begin!

Once you get a new device, you'll first want to break-in the coils. Doing so is very easy, but it can be a bit tedious. Start by dripping a few drops of juice onto the coil that's inside the tank, not so much that it floods everywhere, but enough that the cotton begins to look wet on the inside. After that, drip a few drops into the slots on the outside of the coil as well - continue that process until those holes appear to have fully saturated cotton. From th…