How to Choose the Best Ejuice Flavor & Strength For You!

One of the best things about using an e-cig is that you can experiment with so many different flavors and nicotine strengths. There truly is an endless amount of options that you can try out and finding that perfect vape liquid makes the experience so much more worthwhile.
The problem is that with so many flavors out on the market today, we are often spoilt for choice and don't know which to choose. This will be a quick and concise guide on how you can choose the best ejuice flavor and strength.

Nicotine Levels

Nicotine levels are an important factor to consider because people have different reasons for smoking – some people might not be too worried about nicotine and could even want a higher dosage, whereas others use e-cigs to get away from nicotine and so they want a nicotine-free solution.
There are standard guidelines that most manufacturers will follow when producing e-liquid solutions:
Nicotine free – no nicotine contained, only PV/VG and flavoring.
Low strength – 3-8mg/ml
Mid strength – 10-14mg/ml
High strength – 16-18mg/ml
Extreme strength – 24mg+/ml
It is recommended to start with a relatively moderate solutions, perhaps around 10-14mg/ml and see how you feel with that. You can then increase or decrease the strength depending on your personal preference.

Getting the Right Flavor

When it comes down to flavoring, it really is all about personal preference. Your favorite flavor might be someone else's most hated. With this in mind, it really is difficult to give recommendations on flavors, the best advice would be to experiment with different flavors and vendors and think about what works best for you.
A good thing to do that many people overlook would be to have multiple flavors for different occasions e.g. you might want a mint flavor in the morning as you wake up, a vanilla flavor after a meal, or a chocolate flavor when you are feeling a bit depressed.
You should also look out for “sample packs” or “variety packs”. These are purpose-made packages from the vendors that will allow you to test a small sample of a certain flavor before committing to a large purchase. It is much more convenient and a lot easier on your wallet.

Create Your Own

If you have tried so many flavors and still not found anything that you quite like just yet (which is very unlikely) then the next step to take would be to create your own. This actually isn't as complex as it sounds, all it requires it:
Nicotine solution
Propylene Glycol and/or Vegetable Glycerin
Flavorings of your choice
By creating your own liquid you will have a much easier time getting the right solution that is perfect for you. You can experiment with the different strengths and combinations of flavors if you have the tim


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