Meet Our Staff: Dan Degnan

Growing up in the local Minneapolis music scene, smoking was just something you did to pass the time. There was no thought or concern about 'health & wellness' -- we were young and indestructible! 
Now that I've grown older and wiser (to varying degrees), I've seen now the effects of living an unhealthy lifestyle... 
Working at Vista Vapors, I can see the difference that is being made, every single day. The people that we work with aren't just loyal customers, they're a supportive community of people that are striving to be better and make a change. We are making a difference and helping people take back control of their lives -- and that is pretty cool. For me, cigarettes are a part of my past, and that's where I intend to keep them. If I'm not trying to better myself each day, then I'm failing my future. My name is Dan and I'm the social media & marketing guy here at Vista Vapors.
I enjoy dark beer, cat videos, Netflix, and live music. Let's hang sometime!
Feel free to reach out to me at:
Let's continue to kick the butt and stop blowing smoke. Vape on, true believers, vape on.

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