What's inside Your E-Juice?

E-cigarettes have recently popped up on the market and many people consider them to be some sort of revolutionary device that can help people stop smoking and provide a much more satisfying experience. Even though this is true for the most part, do you really know what's inside your vape juice that you are vaping? Do you really know how it all works?
Throughout this article we'll be going over the workings of an e-cig and the two primary ingredients that are used to provide the smoking experience without all the side effects that cigarettes have.

How It All Works

So what exactly happens when you vape an e-cig? Well in the most basic terms, the battery heats up the liquid that is contained in the e-cig and a vapor is produced because of the ingredients that are contained within the liquid. The amount of vapor produced as well as the strength of the hit and so much more, can all be controlled by adjusting the ratio of ingredients.

What You Should Know about Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol is a key ingredient in e-liquid and it's the main reason for the “throat hit” that you will feel after inhaling on the e-cig. You don't have to worry about safety with this ingredient as it has been generally recognized as safe by the FDA. In addition to that, you can also find it in numerous skincare, food, and health products that were around as long as 50 years ago.
The actual ingredient has virtually no taste and is relatively thin. This means that you can add it to your solution without worrying if it will affect your liquid too much – it will solely affect the “throat hit” that a user will feel and nothing more. Many solutions will combine Propylene Glycol with Vegetable Glycerin, which will be discussed in the next section.

What You Should Know about Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable Glycerin is one of the most popular ingredients used in e-cig liquids along with PG. It is utilized for it's thick and dense characteristics and it produces a thick vapor to match this. It is a completely natural ingredient that is found within certain plants and you can find it in numerous products such as shampoos, medications, lotions and much more.
Because of the characteristics of this ingredient it will often leave a slightly sweet taste after a user has taken a hit of the e-cig. This should be kept in mind so that you don't ruin the flavour of your solution. Also remember that some solutions will use only VG, as the ingredient is so thick this has a chance of damaging your e-cig so it's usually best to create a mixture.


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