You Can Save Almost $2,000 a Year by Using Eliquid

Have you ever wondered just how much money you could save by using an ecig instead of purchasing cigarettes? The answer might surprise you. Throughout this article we'll be reviewing the cost of cigarettes and finding out how much you can really save by making the transition to an ecig.

The Cost of Cigarettes

The average retail price for a pack of cigarettes in the United States is approximately $5.51. Assuming that the average smoker smokes one pack per day (even though it's more than likely that many people smoke more), this would of course equate to an expense of $5.51 per day.
So in a week, you are going to spend: $5.51 * 7 = $38.57
In a month you are going to spend: $5.51 * 30 = $165.30
And at the end of the year, you would have spent a total of: $5.51 * 365 = $2011.15
That's definitely much more than just pocket change. The amount that some people spend on cigarettes is even a lot more than the figures stated above so this really does raise a cause for concern.

The Cost of an Ecig

Many people are put off from buying an ecig simply because of the initial outlay, the actual hardware might be quite expensive for some people to purchase – especially when they are so accustomed to purchasing a pack of cigarettes as they need. However, the initial cost is something that you shouldn't pay too much attention to, you can easily find certain models to fit your budget and the hardware will pay for itself after just a few months.
The only recurring expense that you will have is your vape juice, this is the substance that you are essentially smoking when using an ecig. It's not so easy to come up with calculations for how much you'll spend on the substance as it's completely dependent upon how much you smoke. However, an average smoker of 15 cigarettes per day won't need to replace their liquid (10ml) for around 7 days.
10ml of liquid can be obtained for around $2-$3, which is definitely a huge saving compared to smoking cigarettes. Let's do some calculations.
Total cost of liquid: $2.50 (median price) * 52 (number of weeks in a year) = $130
So: $2011.15 (total cost of cigarettes) - $130 (total cost of liquid) = $1881.15
So this means that by switching to an ecig you can essentially save $1881.15 per year. That is a huge saving!

Final Thoughts

Even though the revolutionary e-cigarettes aren't for everybody, it's easy to see that they have a clear benefit with regards to the financial aspect. If you are struggling with your smoking but are low on funds, it might be worthwhile to switch over to this alternate method of smoking. The initial cost of the ecig might set you back a bit but in the end you will reap the savings.


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