Meet Our Staff: Brandi

If you've ever talked to our morning Support Staff, chances are that you've spent some time with Brandi. She's a part-time Vista Vapors employee and a full-time firecracker. We had a few moments to sit down and chat with her, before duty once again rang. 
What is your job description here at Vista Vapors?
Provide excellent customer service to all of our lovely customers.
What's your family life like?
I've got three children (two boys and a girl) -- not a grandma yet, which is good. I also have two kitties -- Dallas and  Star 
What is your favorite Vista Vapors' vape juice?
I really enjoy  Blue Raspberry and  Coconut. I also really enjoy the  Mix Your Own feature that we offer -- so I can create my own Mountain Dew Baja Blast, and of course  Brandi's birthday Cake!
What hardware are you currently using?
Currently I'm using the  Innokin iTaste VV3 with an  iClear 30s Tank
What is your favorite part of working at Vista Vapors?
Oh boy.. Definitley, having fun with my co-workers and the flexibility this job provides me -- and, of course, being the in-office DJ!!!
What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I love Rollerskating, and going to the movies, also hanging out with my friends -- anything outdoors if I can!
Anything closing comments?
Just keep on vaping -- no matter what your legislation says! YOLO!
Thank you for your time, Brandi.


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