Meet Our Staff: Lance

If you've ordered from Vista Vapors before, chances are you've seen Lance's smiling face in your 'Thank You' video -- or perhaps in one of our hardware unboxing videos. Today we got a few moments to delve deep into the man, the myth, the legend -- The Lance. 
Tell us a little about yourself, for the uninitiated.
Well, I'm a Sagittarius. My nickname in college was "Tank". I love reading books about stuff that blows my MIND. I'm also a wiz with a Rubik's cube!
What is your job description here at Vista Vapors?
I help make videos to send to our lovely, lovely customers; thanking them for their orders. I also unbox some bodacious hard
ware for our YouTube channel.
What is your favorite Vista Vapors' vape juice?
My favorite flavor combo is half  Strawberry, half  Vanilla Cupcake. It is delish!
What hardware are you currently using?
The  eLeaf iStick 50w and  Aspire Atlantis 2 -- a combo that WAILS!
What is your favorite part of working at Vista Vapors?
Definitely working with the people here; I've never had a cooler working atmosphere!
What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
Frisbee golf (FROLF, if you nasty), Long boarding, getting deep with mi amigos, watching movies that don't follow a formula, and listening to TOOL!!!!   \m/
Any closing comments for our readers?
Thanks for supporting our AWESOME company! Also, try my favorite flavor combo -- it will change your LIFE! Namaste.
Thanks, Lance.


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