Vista Vapors Rewards Program

Did you know that you can earn points just for shopping at Vista Vapors? In fact, if you've ordered with us before you are already a member! How simple and painless is that?! 
If you are unfamiliar with our points system, you may have some questions about how it all works. Let's break down some of the questions you may have. 
How Can I Register To The Rewards Program?
You are automatically registered when you create an account with VistaVapors. Additionally, you'll receive 50 free points just for joining. For more information about our rewards program you can find it in the lower left corner of our website.
How Many Points Do I Receive?
It's really simple. For each dollar you spend with us, you'll receive 100 points. Once you have reached a specific point level, you can redeem your points for FREE store credit. Additionally, you can refer your family and friends and earn 5000 points for first time purchases.
What Are Store Credits?
Store credits are as good as cash with VistaVapors. You can use this credit to purchase anything from us. For example, if you have 95000 points, you will get $100 in store credits that can be applied to anything in our store (even hardware or accessories).
How Can I Use My Store Credit?
After you have earned enough points, redeem them using the link on the bottom left of our webpage. Once you have redeemed your points, simply add items to your cart, and continue to checkout as normal. You'll receive a coupon code which you can use during the checkout process.
If you lost your points code, don't worry it has also been emailed to you. If you have trouble locating this email, make sure you check your spam folder. 
Of course, as usual, if you happen to have any other questions or concerns, you can reach us at: -- Otherwise, vape on and start redeeming those points!

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