Meet Our Staff: Jake

If you've ordered from Vista Vapors before, you may have been taken care of by one of our Customer Service All-Stars. Today we sat down with Jake to get the inside scoop on the customer care dream team.
Tell us a little about yourself, for the uninitiated.
My name is Jake. I'm a Scorpio. I went to Mankato State University for Business Management.
What is your job description here at Vista Vapors?
I am the Customer Service Manager here at Vista Vapors.
What is your favorite Vista Vapors' vape juice?
I enjoy the Premium Blend Flavors Southern and Altostratus
What hardware are you currently using?
The  eLeaf iStick 50w Kangertech SubTank Mini
What is your favorite part of working at Vista Vapors?
It's a very fun company to work for -- never a dull moment! In customer service, it's always great to hear that we are helping people. Providing them an outlet to stop smoking. A lot of customers say they can breathe again! 
What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
Basketball, Football, Softball -- really any sport, and the outdoors. Also, playing Texas Hold' Em
Any closing comments for our readers?
Life is short, but switching to e-cigs could make it longer!


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