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Flavor Friday- Razzleberry

Ahhhh the sweet succulence of deliciously tangy raspberries and blueberries blended to perfection, elegantly dripping...INSIDE MY TANK!  Yes, it is true Vapers. I feel a combination so well suited to the pallet should never be kept out of reach, and VistaVapors agrees! The flavor described is not a is VistaVapors Razzleberry!  As one of the highest demanded vape juice flavors that we offer, you'd be hard pressed to not enjoy fact, when I asked one of our flavor experts here at VistaVapors what his favorite flavor was, it took less than a second for him to exclaim, "RAZZLEBERRY!" Whenever I've got this flavor in my tank, it brings me back to being a kid. I know that seems a little weird, I mean, it's just fruit right? Wrong.  For me Razzleberry does something that many flavors on the market just can't puts a smile on my face. As soon as it hits my tongue I'm brought backto those amazing blu…

"Herakles! Herakles! Herakles!" We Couldn't Help It... Here's Another Giveaway!

Via the Facebook platform, we at VistaVapors Inc. launch a new giveaway contest every single Wednesday. With the news on legislation and regulation breaking yesterday, we postponed the blog post related to this weeks giveaway...but we're right back in the swing again! This week features YET ANOTHER huge vape juice bottle giveaway, 10 of those bad boys, and the incredible Herakles tank by Sense. Oh, and it's not just the wonderful tank either, it's the entire kit you receive with purchase! So it's not just ten bottles, and an awesome tank...its an additional coil AND an additional Pyrex glass piece...ALL of your vaping needs, minus the mod, totally taken care of! Not only are we offering this great combo to one super lucky person...we are offering this combo to THREE winners! That's right...THREE of you wonderful VistaVapors customers can win this great prize! Here's how to do it: Comment on the picture on Facebook Like the picture on Facebook. Share the pictur…

Tech Tuesday Is Back! Aspire Atlantis Mega

Amidst the constant hoopla surrounding the vaping community and the ever-changing, ever-growing supply of new technologies for vapers, Aspire has created quite a name for themselves.  With the release of their market-hit Sub Ohm tank, the Atlantis, they set the precedent for flavor and vaping quality in a Sub Ohm coil. While essentially opening the door for other large-market Sub Ohm tank developers to get their crack at the technology, Aspire kept their nose to the grindstone and pumped out a second tank in the Atlantis line, the V2. The moment I used the Atlantis V2, I was hooked for good. Unbelievable airflow, flavor outstanding...there was nothing more to ask...that is, until it occurred to me that I was filling my tank far too often... Here comes Aspire! They solved my problem, and they did so with the MEGA. With the same great coils, and the truly phenomenal taste of the Atlantis tanks, Aspire gives us this big, beautiful, bath tub of a tank that holds 5mL OF VAPE JUICE. Also, …

It's a Mix-your-own Monday!

Vapers around the world rejoice for themselves and one-another at the prospect of discovering a new ADV...and for you here today...we have added another vape juice flavor to the arsenal. With essentially a kitchen full of ingredients and no recipe to follow, our Mix-Your-Own station is a hot zone for great ideas and unlimited (or nearly so) creativity. As one stands among the plethora of flavor options, it is natural for your particular flavor pallet to stay within the comfort lines of what you know or are used to. For example, if you are a huge fan of strawberry flavors, you might spend your time developing a new Mix-Your-Own by including strawberry and an arrangement of other flavors. This way, you eliminate the possibility of disappointment by ensuring that at least part of that juice you created is delicious to you...BUT...what if… What if you tried something completely out of the ordinary and different? This Monday’s Mix-Your-Own flavor of the week is a combination of Blackberry…