"Herakles! Herakles! Herakles!" We Couldn't Help It... Here's Another Giveaway!

Via the Facebook platform, we at VistaVapors Inc. launch a new giveaway contest every single Wednesday. With the news on legislation and regulation breaking yesterday, we postponed the blog post related to this weeks giveaway...but we're right back in the swing again!
This week features YET ANOTHER huge vape juice bottle giveaway, 10 of those bad boys, and the incredible Herakles tank by Sense. Oh, and it's not just the wonderful tank either, it's the entire kit you receive with purchase! So it's not just ten bottles, and an awesome tank...its an additional coil AND an additional Pyrex glass piece...ALL of your vaping needs, minus the mod, totally taken care of!
Not only are we offering this great combo to one super lucky person...we are offering this combo to THREE winners! That's right...THREE of you wonderful VistaVapors customers can win this great prize! Here's how to do it:
Comment on the picture on Facebook
Like the picture on Facebook.
Share the picture on Facebook. 
Yep. That is it. That's everything you need to do in order to be eligible to win. 
Cool, huh?
Go get 'em Vapers!
Check it out on Facebook TODAY! Giveaway ends Wednesday, November 4th, 2015.
For those interested in checking out the specs of the Herakles...visit our website here


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