It's a Mix-your-own Monday!

Vapers around the world rejoice for themselves and one-another at the prospect of discovering a new ADV...and for you here today...we have added another vape juice flavor to the arsenal.
With essentially a kitchen full of ingredients and no recipe to follow, our Mix-Your-Own station is a hot zone for great ideas and unlimited (or nearly so) creativity. As one stands among the plethora of flavor options, it is natural for your particular flavor pallet to stay within the comfort lines of what you know or are used to. For example, if you are a huge fan of strawberry flavors, you might spend your time developing a new Mix-Your-Own by including strawberry and an arrangement of other flavors. This way, you eliminate the possibility of disappointment by ensuring that at least part of that juice you created is delicious to you...BUT...what if…
What if you tried something completely out of the ordinary and different?
This Monday’s Mix-Your-Own flavor of the week is a combination of Blackberry, Lemon Rain, and Ice Cream.
I call it: Cream the Dream
I challenge you to give it a won’t be disappointed!
As always, send us your ideas and videos regarding flavors and questions...don’t forget to #vapeitforward and #vapeon!!!


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