Tech Tuesday Is Back! Aspire Atlantis Mega

Amidst the constant hoopla surrounding the vaping community and the ever-changing, ever-growing supply of new technologies for vapers, Aspire has created quite a name for themselves. 
With the release of their market-hit Sub Ohm tank, the Atlantis, they set the precedent for flavor and vaping quality in a Sub Ohm coil. While essentially opening the door for other large-market Sub Ohm tank developers to get their crack at the technology, Aspire kept their nose to the grindstone and pumped out a second tank in the Atlantis line, the V2. The moment I used the Atlantis V2, I was hooked for good. Unbelievable airflow, flavor outstanding...there was nothing more to ask...that is, until it occurred to me that I was filling my tank far too often...
Here comes Aspire!
They solved my problem, and they did so with the MEGA. With the same great coils, and the truly phenomenal taste of the Atlantis tanks, Aspire gives us this big, beautiful, bath tub of a tank that holds 5mL OF VAPE JUICE. Also, almost as if they just couldn't help themselves, Aspire includes a more versatile airflow mechanism. This airflow ring contains holes of an arrangement of sizes to make it far easier to determine which setting you are on. Also, there is a more ergonomic grip on the airflow portion to allow for easier changing between the settings. This feature is particularly nice in that it helps prevent the unscrewing of any of the tank sections while changing airflow. 
To say that the MEGA is a good tank would simply not do it justice, it is a great tank with outstanding features that facilitate an awesome vaping experience. Just don't actually try to take a bath in it. 


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