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Vista Is Sending You Where?!

THAT'S RIGHT! LAS VEGAS!!! We thought, "What the heck, we love our customers, EVERYONE loves Vegas, why not send a couple lucky people from our customer base out to have the weekend of their lives?" And here it is! All you have to do to enter this incredible giveaway is this: If you place an order (any size) at from November 19th, 2015 to December 4th, 2015 you are immediately eligible to win this AMAZING prize! Contents include AIRFARE and LODGING for two people, for 3 DAYS/2 NIGHTS! OR you can send a self addressed envelope (during the contest times) with your complete name, address, city, state, postal code, telephone number with area code to: VistaVapors, Inc. 8239 93rd Avenue North. Brooklyn Park, Minnesota 55445. This is a seriously cool giveaway, and we wanted everyone to have a shot at their chance to win. Do your part, order from our website or send us some mail, and YOU could be the winner. Enjoy vapers, and as always, VAPE ON!!!


The Motherload

28 BOTTLES?! That's right. Only it's not just 28 Bottles of vape juice...IT'S FOUR TIMES THAT!!! We weren't really IS the motherload! We are currently running FOUR GIVEAWAYS from our Facebook page. 28 Bottles, 10ml in size, all random nicotine and flavor 28 Bottles, 17ml in size, all random nicotine and flavor 28 Bottles, 32ml in size, all random nicotine and flavor 28 Bottles, 52ml in size, all random nicotine and flavor, all for YOU for the low price of...FREE!!! As with the other giveaways we do, all it takes to enter is to engage in the specific instructions on social media! With this particular giveaway all we ask on Facebook is to LIKE the contest post, SHARE the contest post, and COMMENT in the contest thread, and you're entered! On Twitter, it's as simple as a RETWEET and FAVORITE of the contest post and you're in the running! You only need to enter on ONE of the social media platforms to participate, so don't worry about having to…

Meet Our Staff: Chase!

Today we took a second to sit down and chat with one of the employees here at VistaVapors! His name is Chase, he is a Libra and loves strolling the pier...okay maybe not...but he's an awesome guy! Check him out! Tell us a little bit about yourself! I am a Type 1 Diabetic, and have been for 22 years. I am currently fighting renal failure, and am doing everything I can to get a Kidney transplant. I am also a father of a couple of boys, and husband to a beautiful wife. What is your job here at VistaVapors? I work on the assembly line here, filling the bottles and completing orders for our customers! What is your favorite VistaVapors vape juice? I am a big fan of the VistaSelects, specifically the Cloud Series. You could say I got my head in the Clouds!  What hardware are you currently using? The Pegasus mod by Aspire with the Atlantis tank and a 2900 mah battery. What is your favorite thing about working at VistaVapors? My coworkers. It makes work a lot easier to be with your friends! What do …

The Wonderful World of Box Mods

From the champion vaper, to the new kid on the block, every person interested in using an e-cig should be well informed about all of the different options that exist on the vaping market. For those who don't know, it's not just those small-range variable-voltage pen style e-cigs anymore...there are some seriously awesome pieces of machinery that you can get your hands on to bring your vape juice experience to the next level.  In the past we have posted blogs about a few different "Box Mods" that we offer on our website. Several of the products on that page offer a variable wattage feature that allows the user to change the amount of power that passes from your battery to your tank to heat the coil. Box Mods all over the market have a varying wattage range; some offering a smaller range of 5W-20W, while others offer a huge range of 5W-100W! The differences in such Box Mods allow vapers to experience different methods of vaping, and open the door to an even bigger rea…

Flavolicious Friday's Y'all!

I love fruit. I also love warm weather. It's getting cold up here in MN...I've already had it up to my ears with this weather...and it's November.  Thank goodness, though, for today's Flavor Friday vape juice, for without it I may still be feeling like I live in a cold wasteland. Mango Peach, I salute you!!! On a serious note, who doesn't love a refreshingly tangy taste of mango and peach filling your mouth like, uh, 24 HOURS A DAY?! I now have full access to the market fresh taste of two of my favorite fruits, combined together, inside my tank! With the expected full-bodied goodness of both of these fruits and the lack of a mess, Mango Peach is a must-try flavor from the VistaVapors pantry.  I'll get off my high horse over here, but there are people waiting their turn to tell you how great it is too! Check this review out:
Mango Peach ★★★★★
Posted by Kris on 28th Sep 2015 Your Mango Peach is the best I have tried. I have ordered it from multiple places, but y…

Time to Meet a Vista Vaper!

Earlier this week, we at VistaVapors were blessed with the opportunity to catch up with an old friend of ours...his name is Steve Berg, and he is our VERY FIRST customer!  I was fortunate enough to get some cool face time with Steve, and got the chance to ask him a few questions as well. He is truly the nicest man, and I confidently say on behalf of everyone at VistaVapors that we are proud to have a man like him as a customer! Since, literally, day 1, he has ordered every last drop of vape juice he's had from our company, and it was great to get to ask him about it. Here's a snapshot of what we discussed: Q1. What was the first E-Juice you tried from us, and what is your current favorite? A1. My 1st flavor of E-Juice was cotton candy, and my current favorite flavor is...well...I have two...Root Beer and a Mix Your-Own: Grape with Monster. Q2. What is your favorite part about being a VistaVapors customer? A2. The best part of being a customer of VistaVapors is the easy orderi…

The FDA, and Bill H.R. 2058

According to the historic documents that framed the foundation for this great nation, we are given in the inalienable right to speak our mind and fight for what we believe. It is time to exercise that right. There are times in one's life that your voice carries volume beyond proximity. Today, Vapers, is a REAL opportunity for you to take action on that premise. Yesterday, October 27th, 2015, President Barack Obama received pleas from for Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (CTFK) to move the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) hand toward regulating e-cigarettes as tobacco products. Although, obviously, there is NO TOBACCO in vape juice, the bill that was proposed highlights some very alarming ideas.  The motion behind this new regulation, as described on, is to essentially group "deemed tobacco products" amidst the regulations for REAL TOBACCO PRODUCTS. By doing so, the FDA will remove from legal circulation every e-cig related product that hasn't …

And I Said...HEY! It's a Wonderful Tech Tuesday!

*NEW PRODUCT ALERT* *NEW PRODUCT ALERT* Cue the drum roll... The Herakles Sub-Ohm Tank by Sense! now features a new addition to their lineup of sub-ohm tanks with the Herakles. A truly wonderful catalyst to a great experience, this rendition of the sub-ohm tank by Sense showcases some cool innovations that really improve the ease and enjoyment of vape juice.  Like many of the sub-ohm tanks on the market right now, you'll find an arrangement of coils for the Herakles, from 0.2 ohm to 0.6 ohm, that vape at relatively high wattage and create an excellent cloud. The cotton featured in the Herakles coils is 100% Japanese Organic Cotton, which does an outstanding job of getting the most from your flavor. Truly. It's amazing.  The bottom of the build is where you'll find the airflow mechanism, which is a sequence of four holes. Two of those holes are smaller, and two of them are slots that make up the more flow methods. The ribbing in the metal on the bottom of t…

Monday's Mix-your-own Madness!

As the autumn weather creeps in, and the thermometer begins to stretch downward more than it does up, I crave the smorgasbord of fall associated sweet treats and savory flavors. From pumpkin pie to mashed potatoes and gravy, each food more mouthwatering that the last, I bring you my new delicious fall vape juice creation: Caramel Apple Pie!  A true reminder of the Fall season and of comfort food! I've had it in my tank all day, and I still can't get enough... Check it out today at