Flavolicious Friday's Y'all!

I love fruit. I also love warm weather. It's getting cold up here in MN...I've already had it up to my ears with this weather...and it's November. 
Thank goodness, though, for today's Flavor Friday vape juice, for without it I may still be feeling like I live in a cold wasteland. Mango Peach, I salute you!!!
On a serious note, who doesn't love a refreshingly tangy taste of mango and peach filling your mouth like, uh, 24 HOURS A DAY?! I now have full access to the market fresh taste of two of my favorite fruits, combined together, inside my tank! With the expected full-bodied goodness of both of these fruits and the lack of a mess, Mango Peach is a must-try flavor from the VistaVapors pantry. 
I'll get off my high horse over here, but there are people waiting their turn to tell you how great it is too! Check this review out:

  • Mango Peach ★★★★★
    Posted by Kris on 28th Sep 2015 
    Your Mango Peach is the best I have tried. I have ordered it from multiple places, but you guys ROCK!!! As usual, Thank You so much for the great product!!

  • - See more here!
    See?! Kris loves it, I love it, everyone I've had try it loves it...you'd be hard-pressed to not fall in love yourself! It truly is a "Love at First Vape" kind of story
    TGIF! Have a great weekend, #vapeitforward, and as always VAPE ON!!!


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