The FDA, and Bill H.R. 2058

According to the historic documents that framed the foundation for this great nation, we are given in the inalienable right to speak our mind and fight for what we believe. It is time to exercise that right. There are times in one's life that your voice carries volume beyond proximity. Today, Vapers, is a REAL opportunity for you to take action on that premise.
Yesterday, October 27th, 2015, President Barack Obama received pleas from for Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (CTFK) to move the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) hand toward regulating e-cigarettes as tobacco products. Although, obviously, there is NO TOBACCO in vape juice, the bill that was proposed highlights some very alarming ideas. 
The motion behind this new regulation, as described on, is to essentially group "deemed tobacco products" amidst the regulations for REAL TOBACCO PRODUCTS. By doing so, the FDA will remove from legal circulation every e-cig related product that hasn't been tested since February 15, 2007. What this means is, every one of those wonderful mods, tanks, coils, and juices that have helped you quit smoking will become ILLEGAL. That is, until the FDA feels they have sufficiently tested each and every possible product and deemed it legal for sale. This process would take years...YEARS...and for every company involved in providing you with the products you crave, it would be crippling. Reports all over the internet estimate 99.9% of EVERY SINGLE VAPING PRODUCT IN AMERICA would be gone within a 2-4 year span. That's gone...not to be confused with "not for sale"...literally GONE. Nada. Zilch. No longer. 
As if that proposition isn't scary enough, your health and the health of Vapers alike, would be right back on the front line. QUITTING SMOKING IS WHAT YOUR BODY NEEDS, and doing so could become excruciatingly difficult within the coming years...but...
Here's the kicker: YOUR VOICE CAN STILL BE HEARD. 
The CASAA (Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association) recently posted a call to action that highlights every possible step you as a Vaper can take to stand up for what is right, and the best part...IT SO EASY!
First: Send an email to BOTH your Congressional Representative and Senators urging them to support AND co-sponser Bill H.R. 2058. This bill is the KEY to keeping vaping alive.
Second: Take a moment today, Wednesday October 28th, 2015, and CALL THE WHITE HOUSE. 
*As of right now, the Congress phone will answer with a busy tone. This number will receive a call, and it is to the House subcommittee that hosts the Bill.  Also, hours to this phone number are 9am-5pm Eastern time Thank you!*
The CASAA provides a very simple list of talking points to use during the phone call to make it easier and more effective, here it is:
  • I am calling to urge President Obama to protect consumer choice and demand that the FDA re-work its Tobacco Deeming Regulations so that the existing wide variety of e-cigarette and vapor products can remain on the market.
  • As written, the FDA’s proposed e-cigarette regulations will remove 99.9% of vapor products from the market.
  • Please briefly share your personal story about switching to vapor products. Make sure to include any improvements in health you have experienced or, perhaps, that your doctor has observed. If the variety of flavors are important to you, be sure to mention that too.
  • Thank you. I hope we can count on the President to protect adult access to these life-saving products.
Third: Share this with your friends. It is everyone's right to fight for vaping. 
By participating in this movement you are taking advantage of a great opportunity to share your voice.


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