The Wonderful World of Box Mods

From the champion vaper, to the new kid on the block, every person interested in using an e-cig should be well informed about all of the different options that exist on the vaping market. For those who don't know, it's not just those small-range variable-voltage pen style e-cigs anymore...there are some seriously awesome pieces of machinery that you can get your hands on to bring your vape juice experience to the next level. 
In the past we have posted blogs about a few different "Box Mods" that we offer on our website. Several of the products on that page offer a variable wattage feature that allows the user to change the amount of power that passes from your battery to your tank to heat the coil. Box Mods all over the market have a varying wattage range; some offering a smaller range of 5W-20W, while others offer a huge range of 5W-100W! The differences in such Box Mods allow vapers to experience different methods of vaping, and open the door to an even bigger realms of the experience. 
At higher wattages the vaper needs to use coils with a stronger resistance to heat. In other words, Sub-Ohm vaping! Sub-Ohm coils run at an ohm rating below 1.0...hence the Sub-Ohm name. The most common variances of Sub-Ohm coils on the market are 0.7ohm, 0.5 ohm, and 0.3 ohm. The wattage ceiling increases as the ohm rating gets closer to zero, so a mod that goes up to 100W can only be used at 100W with a coil that supports that much power. Often times, such coils can run as low as 0.15ohms! 
The benefit to using a box mod comes in the versatility of the device. There are so many different coils and tanks and arrangements available to every vaper, all of which are unique. I have gotten more interested in vaping than ever before because of my exposure to Box Mods, and I encourage every vaper who hasn't tried them to do so if they have the itch! It's important to know, also, that vaping at higher wattages always demands an increase in understanding of the device and vaping. Always do your research before getting invested and trying it out!
Check out a list of different Box Mod devices and starter kits available to YOU on our website at
As always, have an excellent day, vape it forward, and VAPE ON!


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