Time to Meet a Vista Vaper!

Earlier this week, we at VistaVapors were blessed with the opportunity to catch up with an old friend of ours...his name is Steve Berg, and he is our VERY FIRST customer! 
I was fortunate enough to get some cool face time with Steve, and got the chance to ask him a few questions as well. He is truly the nicest man, and I confidently say on behalf of everyone at VistaVapors that we are proud to have a man like him as a customer!
Since, literally, day 1, he has ordered every last drop of vape juice he's had from our company, and it was great to get to ask him about it. Here's a snapshot of what we discussed:
Q1. What was the first E-Juice you tried from us, and what is your current favorite?
A1. My 1st flavor of E-Juice was cotton candy, and my current favorite flavor is...well...I have two...Root Beer and a Mix Your-Own: Grape with Monster.
Q2. What is your favorite part about being a VistaVapors customer?
A2. The best part of being a customer of VistaVapors is the easy ordering, fast shipping, and of course the great juices.
Q3. Have you ever had any issues with VistaVapors? If so, how was the solution process? Did it go well?
A3 I have never had an issues with any of the orders I have placed! 
Q4. Have you ever returned to smoking cigarettes? If so, are you back to vaping? If not, why the return to vaping?
A4. I have returned...just for one smoke! My batteries died, but as soon as they where charged I was back to vaping!
Q5. For anyone trying to quit cigarettes/start vaping, what advice do you have for them?
A5. My advice to someone thinking about quitting smoking and turning to vaping is do it for the money you'll save...it tastes better...you smell better and you feel better...I can actually run & chase my kids again thanks to vista vapors; I actually think they saved my life. Thanks guys ☺
When got the answer to that last question...my heart just filled with joy. It means so much to me to facilitate even the slightest bit of positive change in someone's life, and for us at VistaVapors, it is our most sought for accolade. We want nothing more than to make a difference in the lives of people all over the world...it is extremely satisfying to see it in action ☺
As always, visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for news and information, visit our website for all of your vaping needs at vistavapors.com and VAPE ON!!!


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