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We've Got Another Giveaway!

VistaVapors is giving away a Kangertech EMOW Starter Kit and FOUR Bottles of vape juice!
Here at VistaVapors we love doing giveaways, it is one of our favorite things to do! In light of the giving season, and for those who are trying to make a change in the New Year we wanted to do a different kind of Giveaway. This Giveaway is sponsored by VapeItForward, so the prize fits the same theme!  The idea is for whoever wins this giveaway to give their prize to a friend, family member, or even someone else that would be assisted in quitting cigarettes by getting it as a gift! Enter the contest today through our Facebook page:! As always, VapeItForward, and VAPE ON! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


In the early 1500’s, the Portuguese conquistadors that stumbled upon the shores of South America brought home a strange leaf to their French King that was intended to be smoked (1). It was not until many years later that the science behind this strange leaf revealed its actual effects on the body and mind. In that time, those who used it only knew that it sometimes provided a stimulating effect, and other times provided a relaxing effect. They called this leaf Tobacco. That strangeness in the leaf, well that was caused by Nicotine. At that time, and for a long time afterward, Tobacco was the only method by which consumers would get a noticeable dosage of Nicotine in their system. Prior to the industrialization of the plant, one of the only chemicals released during combustion was Nicotine (following industrialization there were far more chemicals, as things like cigarettes have up to 500+ additives in them). The act of smoking tobacco became addictive for those that did so partly bec…

It's Monday, and You Know What That Means!

We're really Mixin' It Up for today's edition of Monday's Mix-Your-Own! We combined three vape juice flavors that someone would likely not combine together to see what it would taste like. As it turns out, there doesn't seem to be a bad combination in the bunch! Today's flavor provides a sweetness that you would find in a piece of candy, but has a wholesome background of flavors that cause it to have a full-bodied effect on your palate. On that note, I present to you today's blend: Watermelon, Vanilla Custard, and Almond! Weird, isn't it?! I thought so too! Actually, the thought process behind making it was, "I wonder how weird this will taste..." It actually doesn't taste all! It reminds me of the creme and fruit flavored lozenges that I absolutely LOVED while they still existed. Although "existed" means past-tense, no more will I be longing for such flavors. I can create them right here at work! Try this and our oth…

Tuesday? As in, Tech Tuesday? Yes!

This wonderfully built product has been on our shelves for a while now, but for those who are wondering what it is and how it works, today we draw the curtains back on the ELEAF ISTICK 60W TC! The latest temperature controlled mod from eLeaf, it is the pinnacle of their reliable mod quality, and complete capability. With a maximum wattage of 60W, you can comfortably use just about any pre-built coil heads with it. As long as the tank you are using has a 510 thread on the bottom, there really is no limitation to it's compatibility! Feel free to pop on your Atlantis V2, or your Herakles, or even your Subtank Plus! On top of the compatibility with your usual Kanthal or Stainless Steel coil head, the iStick 60W is also capable of vaping your temperature control coils! You can change between Titanium and Nickel (Ni200) wire for your builds or pre-built coils and coil heads, which means it is compatible with even more tanks and RBA's! Beyond the technical stuff, the 60W TC has some…

Mix-your-own Monday: Holiday Edition

I am not a fan of mint or menthol vape juice flavors. Anyone that knows me as a vaper...or really as a person...knows that I have a huge distaste for such flavors, and that I would rather do a long list of things than consume them. Today as I walked into work I was prompted to try a flavor that someone had been working on, and I was surprised to find that I not only liked it, I LOVED it.  It was an interesting combination, one that any vaper can create on their own at our Mix-Your-Own page, and I love that I get to share it with all of you! By combining these flavors, you will make a juice with a darker color, so I will warn anyone that wants to try it that it might do some staining to your tank, although it takes nothing more than a good bath to clean your Pyrex. Also, if you are someone that likes to change flavors a lot, I recommend having an extra coil handy, as this will leave a lasting effect on the coil heads/wicks you have in your tank. Enough of the boring stuff though, let&…

What in the World Are PG and VG?

The world has evolved with the internet and other media sharing platforms into changing the way we speak and communicate. Such methods of communication have become shortened and less explanitory, thus becoming more and more confusing to people who aren't fully informed. PG and VG are a couple of different 'shorthand' versions of words that play a very present role in the vocabulary of today's vaping populace, and this blog is here to explain exactly what those abbreviations are for.  PG is the abbreviation for Propylene Glycol, which is an organic compound found mostly in it's liquid form. It is a colorless, nearly odorless liquid that has a very slight sweet taste. It is used in the manufacturing of foods such as ice cream, whipped dairy products, and sodas, and of course vape juice! PG is a thinner liquid, and the make up of PG allows for "introduced" products (such as flavors and nicotine) to remain suspended throughout the liquid while it is in a res…

How Does Shipping at Vistavapors Work, You Ask? Here's How!

We pride ourselves here at VistaVapors in getting your order processed and out the door at lightning speeds, but once it leaves our doors what happens? We use USPS Shipping to make sure that Monday through Saturday your package can be on the move. At checkout, you are prompted to choose between a few different USPS Shipping methods for your convenience. One of the methods is USPS First Class mail, and the other is USPS Priority mail. Finally, there are some additional International Shipping methods by which to ship your VistaVapors order outside of the U.S. border.   First Class USPS First Class mail is a great method to ship smaller packages, as it is very inexpensive to ship products that are under 13 oz. in weight. At only $3.49 per package, this is far and beyond the most popular of all of our offered shipping methods. USPS states on their site that the delivery window for First Class mail is between 3-5 business days, and most of our customers receive their package in or before t…

Understanding Diacetyl: What It Is, and Where It Exists

Among the flood of inquiries regarding chemicals in vape juice, one continues to surface: What is Diacetyl? Diacetyl is a chemical compound that exists in many of the foods and food products that we consume on a daily basis. In its liquid form, Diacetyl has a yellow/green color, and a viscous quality, similar to that of melted butter. It is the active chemical in certain alcoholic beverages (ie. Chardonnay's, some beers, and some liquors) that gives certain drinks their "slippery" texture (1). It is also the active chemical in foods that have a "buttery" texture and flavor (2). Diacetyl is a natural byproduct of fermentation (4), which raises some alarms in the "gross" department. However, this fermentation process is essential to the makeup of certain dairy products that you can find right in your fridge at home! Lactic acid cultures (AKA the precursor to Lactose) are introduced into certain dairy products in which the bacteria in the culture is giv…

Mix-your-own Monday Is Back!!!

Today, as I stepped into work from a weekend away, it hit me again...I WAS OUT OF VAPE JUICE. Not cool. Not cool at all.  So, obviously, I needed to take care of that issue. I walked over to the mixing station and got to work...and this is what I came up with. It's a buckle up! Wild Berry, Banana Split, and Whipped Cream! I recall the first vape I took with this flavor on my wick...and then I recall wiping tears of joy from my face with my sleeve... Okay so that didn't happen. I was, however, very impressed with myself. These three flavors together was EXACTLY what I needed on this I thought I'd share it with all of you! Enjoy these and other great flavors at!

The Vaping in Vegas Giveaway Has a Winner!

VistaVapors, Incorporated would like to say thank you to ALL who ordered and sent mail to enter in this amazing giveaway. Every single one of you has shown us an incredible amount of support and love throughout our growth and solidifying our identity in the vaping world! We are very lucky to be in an industry where the consumers truly care about the companies and others who are involved. As a token of our appreciation, we wanted to give away something that’s exactly what we did!  One lucky VistaVapors supporter is going to Las Vegas, NV...and her name is Kelley Snyder!!! Kelley! Congratulations! It is true, YOU ARE GOING TO VEGAS! To all who participated, thank you! You are the driving force in the VistaVapors mission! WE LOVE YOU ALL! VAPE ON!!!

Temperature Control and the Evolution of Vaping

Vaping, as an industry, has grown so dramatically over the past few years that it has actually gotten difficult to follow. It seems like every day you're like, "Hey check out this sweet mod I just got! " only to hear, "Yeah this just came out, it's way better than your mod because blah blah blah Watts blah blah Temperature Control..."  Wait, wait, wait..."Hey...did you just say temperature control?" you ask. "Yeah" "WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT?!"  And that seems to be the gist of most of my "New Vaping Discovery" conversations. I'm sure you, the reader, have experienced something like this before, too. If not, you're incredibly well-informed, and I am envious of you. However, for those that seem to be in the same boat as me, when the first Temperature Control Mods came out it really was a shocker.  I wanted to take the opportunity today to clear up any confusion, and hopefully answer the question, "What makes …

Newest Premium Vape Juice Flavors

Vape juice come in an incredibly vast variety of flavors and consistencies, and when you're looking for Premium flavors, you expect the best of both worlds. In today's market, several flavors are advertised as "Premium", and then you vape them and get the whole, "What on Earth is this?! I PAYED $30 FOR THIS?!" moment. Let's all avoid that moment, shall we? VistaVapors has recently started carrying a NEW Premium blend, Mellow Brew...and boy is it delicious. Mellow Brew offers a lineup of five completely unique juices that flood your pallet with a blend of flavors that impresses even the toughest of pallets.  Top Shelf settles in with some fruity and nutty notes, but gives a hint of Bourbon in the background. A tremendous combination of flavors, if you ask me.  Knockout provides a little spice and some classic "American" flavors, and it really does make you want to take a step back from the rigors of life and relax. A great vape to sit down and me…

What in the Heck Is Ohm's Law?

For ANYONE who as ever used an e-cig with a variable voltage/variable wattage setting, THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU!!! Every single coil that has ever been used in an e-cig has had an Ohm rating attached to it. This number means a few different things, all of which are very important to a safe and worthwhile vape juice experience.  The Ohm rating on your coil comes from a scientific law of the oldest magnitude, and it was created to help calculate a conducting element's resistance to heat. The heat resistance is based on the amount of electricity within a conductor that is flowing from a positive point to a negative point. The higher the Ohm rating, the MORE resistant something is to generating heat while conducting electricity. The lower the Ohm rating, the LESS resistant something is generating heat while conducting. Think of it like a light bulb. The filament in a light bulb is extremely resistant to heat, which is why bulbs can be running for hours and hours on end. If you were to tr…