It's Monday, and You Know What That Means!

We're really Mixin' It Up for today's edition of Monday's Mix-Your-Own! We combined three vape juice flavors that someone would likely not combine together to see what it would taste like. As it turns out, there doesn't seem to be a bad combination in the bunch! Today's flavor provides a sweetness that you would find in a piece of candy, but has a wholesome background of flavors that cause it to have a full-bodied effect on your palate. On that note, I present to you today's blend:
Watermelon, Vanilla Custard, and Almond!
Weird, isn't it?! I thought so too! Actually, the thought process behind making it was, "I wonder how weird this will taste..."
It actually doesn't taste all! It reminds me of the creme and fruit flavored lozenges that I absolutely LOVED while they still existed. Although "existed" means past-tense, no more will I be longing for such flavors. I can create them right here at work!
Try this and our other 180 flavor options today at, and VAPE ON!


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