Newest Premium Vape Juice Flavors

Vape juice come in an incredibly vast variety of flavors and consistencies, and when you're looking for Premium flavors, you expect the best of both worlds. In today's market, several flavors are advertised as "Premium", and then you vape them and get the whole, "What on Earth is this?! I PAYED $30 FOR THIS?!" moment. Let's all avoid that moment, shall we?
VistaVapors has recently started carrying a NEW Premium blend, Mellow Brew...and boy is it delicious. Mellow Brew offers a lineup of five completely unique juices that flood your pallet with a blend of flavors that impresses even the toughest of pallets. 
Top Shelf settles in with some fruity and nutty notes, but gives a hint of Bourbon in the background. A tremendous combination of flavors, if you ask me. 
Knockout provides a little spice and some classic "American" flavors, and it really does make you want to take a step back from the rigors of life and relax. A great vape to sit down and mellow out with. 
Overflow combines your favorite adult beverage and the tangy notes of island fruit. It's the kind of flavor that has some nostalgic value. Honestly, it reminds me of laughter. I know that seems weird, but it truly brings a smile to my face. When I vape Overflow, I'm reminded of memories made with friends I love, and that is what a great vape should be all about. 
Aged Barrel is the boldest of the Mellow Brew flavors, but it is the background of flavors that brings the whole party to your pallet. A very "whole" or "complete" flavor that will have you hard pressed to set your e-cig down! 
Finally, Last Call. Kind of fitting that we cap it off with this one, don't you think? This blend features flavors that will open your pallet right up. No menthol here, just a citrus kick that'll have you screamin', "This is AMAZING!"
Make your next Premium purchase the RIGHT one, and get yourself some Mellow Brew TODAY at!


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