The Vaping in Vegas Giveaway Has a Winner!

VistaVapors, Incorporated would like to say thank you to ALL who ordered and sent mail to enter in this amazing giveaway. Every single one of you has shown us an incredible amount of support and love throughout our growth and solidifying our identity in the vaping world! We are very lucky to be in an industry where the consumers truly care about the companies and others who are involved. As a token of our appreciation, we wanted to give away something that’s exactly what we did! 
One lucky VistaVapors supporter is going to Las Vegas, NV...and her name is Kelley Snyder!!! Kelley! Congratulations! It is true, YOU ARE GOING TO VEGAS!
To all who participated, thank you! You are the driving force in the VistaVapors mission! WE LOVE YOU ALL! VAPE ON!!!


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