What in the Heck Is Ohm's Law?

For ANYONE who as ever used an e-cig with a variable voltage/variable wattage setting, THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU!!!
Every single coil that has ever been used in an e-cig has had an Ohm rating attached to it. This number means a few different things, all of which are very important to a safe and worthwhile vape juice experience. 
The Ohm rating on your coil comes from a scientific law of the oldest magnitude, and it was created to help calculate a conducting element's resistance to heat. The heat resistance is based on the amount of electricity within a conductor that is flowing from a positive point to a negative point. The higher the Ohm rating, the MORE resistant something is to generating heat while conducting electricity. The lower the Ohm rating, the LESS resistant something is generating heat while conducting.
Think of it like a light bulb. The filament in a light bulb is extremely resistant to heat, which is why bulbs can be running for hours and hours on end. If you were to try and use a Kanthal coil in a lightbulb, it would burn out VERY quickly. This is due to the lesser resistance to heat that is found in Kanthal. 
Here's where it pertains to YOUR vaping experience: If you are using a coil with 0.3 Ohm resistance rating, that coil is likely usable between around 30-80 Watts. If you were to try and use that coil at a higher wattage, it would burn out very quickly, thus causing you to spend more and more money on coils. On the other hand, if you are using a 0.3 Ohm coil at 5 Watts, it wouldn't heat up enough to create a tremendous amount of vapor. Again, this is because that particular coil is more resistant to 5 Watts of electricity than it is 80 Watts. At 5 Watts, your coil would simply not get hot enough to do anything! 
When building your own coils, it is important to know the Ohm compatibility of your Mod. If you tried to use a coil that did not fit within the parameters that your Mod is compatible with, your Mod wouldn't fire properly. Too low, and you won't even get that thing hot enough. It is also VERY unsafe to use a coil that your mod isn't compatible with because when you hit the fire button on your Mod, it opens the circuit up to an electric current. If there is anything out of whack there, it could cause a fire or a dangerous shortage in the circuit...and then cause a fire. Remember to always be safe and aware of what you are using to vape!
That about wraps it up for today's blog! Remember to email support@vistavapors.com with questions, visit www.vistavapors.com for all of your vaping needs, and VAPE ON!


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