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The Big Deal!

VistaVapors is celebrating a huge milestone...and we want to include our wonderfully loyal customers in that celebration! We are offering our BIGGEST deal EVER to the first 12 customers that purchase! With purchase, you will receive enough juice to last you a're getting AT LEAST 900 BOTTLES of VAPE JUICE for ONLY $250 An opportunity like this is completely unheard of, and will only happen once in your lifetime. Pick your nicotine level, your PG/VG ratio, and you’re all set. Each bottle will be filled with a different Mix-Your-Own combination, so you will get a unique and delicious flavor inside EVERY BOTTLE! This product is available on a very limited basis, as only ONE PERSON will be able to purchase from each nicotine and PG/VG combination. Once that variation has been purchased, it will not be made available any longer. A little math will show you that it’s limited to 12 purchases, so now is your time to act!  Secure all of the juice you will ever need with one simp…

Vistavapors Is Simplifying Your Boost Level!

In order to make things easier in your already busy life, VistaVapors has decided to make it simple for you to decide if you want to add Extra Flavor or not by choosing either “Boosted” or “Regular”! Up to this point, you had six different vape juice flavor boost levels, which caused some confusion where people couldn’t tell the difference between the various levels. We listened to customers and tested the various levels to reach the optimum boost levels that you will bring out the essence of each flavor. Give it a try and let us know what you think. This is what you will see when selecting Extra Flavor Again, we thank each and every one of you in the VistaVapors family for choosing us. You are all incredibly important to us, both as people and as customers. We know you have options and want to make your experience with us awesome and help you enjoy life to the fullest. Thank you for being amazing! Have a GREAT day, and as usual...VAPE ON!

Vistavapors Is Making a Change to Their PG/VG Options

Amidst the immanent changes to the vaping industry we will be making changes to some of the products that we offer in order to comply with the FDA Regulations. VistaVapors will be making such changes to their PG/VG options. These changes are both in response to the direction that the vaping industry is going with innovation, and also as a means to better comply with regulations. As the vaping world has expanded, so has the list of available products. In addition to there being a larger variety of products and devices for consumers to use, the older products are being refined and developed into better versions of themselves. When vaping first became popular, the 70PG/30VG blend was essential to allow atomizers that could not wick a thicker solution to still wick properly. However, as innovation has occurred, those atomizers have become increasingly compatible with thicker vape juice blends. For that reason, we are confident that removing the 70/30 blend will not be of drastic detrimen…

Breaking News: New FDA Regulations

Today, May 5th, 2016, the Food and Drug Administration released a statement that highlighted the important information included in their 500 page Bill regarding the new regulations for tobacco product sales. These regulations will come into effect on August 8th, 2016.  According to the document, their are a couple of really important things for customers and consumers to be aware of. One of those things is that for all online and in-store sales, consumers will be required to verify their age using a Photo ID. Now for consumers it will be a question of whether or not you want to use your ID online, or to hop in your car, drive all the way to the store, and pay close to THREE TIMES the amount that you would have payed online...the choice there is pretty simple...stick with your favorite online store! Pay close attention to this issue, and keep your ear to the ground, because we are looking at some creative methods to make this process easier on you! Another piece of regulation that was …

Mix-your-own Monday!

This installment of the Mix-Your-Own vape juice series is one for the ages. It took me a very long time to come up with this great recipe, about 10 seconds, and I CANNOT wait to share it with you all! As I was brainstorming, I was trying to come up with a recipe that would scream the word "Spring"...but I had some trouble coming up with one...after the brainstorming session it occurred to me that there is only one thing that screams spring more than anything else! SHAVED ICE! Okay, maybe it doesn't scream the word spring more than anything else... I will say, though, that with the temperature in MN getting as high as 65°F, all I really wanted to do today was sit outside in a lawn chair and eat an icee! I couldn't do that, because I am at work. I like to have fun at my job, but I also really like my job. I don't want to risk getting into trouble here...even for something as incredible as an icee. I do have a remedy to my problem though...I…

*Regulation Update* No More Clouds in the Clouds

Image released an article yesterday regarding new vaping regulations on airplanes, and this is what they had to say, "The use of electronic cigarettes on commercial airplanes is now banned under a new rule finalized by the US Department of Transportation, which applies to all domestic and foreign carriers with flights scheduled to and from the US. The ban applies to all e-cigarettes, including electronic cigars, pipes, and devices designed to look like everyday products such as pens. It does not apply to nebulizers, which are used to treat cystic fibrosis and asthma." This means that as a traveler, you are no longer permitted to bring your e-cigarette device in your checked luggage. Also, in accordance with this new law, vaping on airplanes has also been banned.  Anyone looking to travel in the near future, be aware of these new regulations!  **UPDATE**

Although in this article from The Verge there is some important information, there also seems to be some misinforma…

Make Your Taste Buds Your Taste Buddies!

VISTAVAPORS HAS A NEW FLAVOR LINE AND WE ARE GIVING SOME AWAY! Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages to find these amazing Giveaways of amazing juices! 5 Lucky Winners from each platform will bring home a bottle of Happy Tongue Premium Vape Juice! The directions for entering these Giveaways are embedded in the posts, so you will definitely not have a tough time getting your entry in! Both of the Giveaways close on Friday, February 26th, 2016, so make sure to check them out before then!

Flavor Friday! Today It's Something You Wouldn't Think of!

I use this particular flavor for just about every single Mix-Your-Own that I do; obviously I do so for a good reason. I truly feel that the unique notes in this vape juice flavor set it apart from just about any one that you can find on the market. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Almond. Smooth Almond Flavor ★★★★★
Posted by DANA ANDERSON on 6th Mar 2015 "This almond flavor is delightfully rich with a wonderful aroma. When I am vaping this flavor it reminds me of the almond butter spritz cookies we used to bake at Christmas! If you love sweet almonds, this is for you!" Dana speaks the truth. The aromatic qualities of VistaVapors Almond flavor is one you can't ignore. Frankly, you won't want to ignore it! On more than one occasion I have found myself feeling the nostalgia of smelling delicious baked goods when I would come home from college. Almond really does have that "homey" aroma to it, and the flavor of this juice is almost EXACTLY like Almond E…

Vistavapors Coupons - Bigger Discounts!

VistaVapors coupon codes can be used at purchase on a regular basis, and on just about EVERY major Holiday!!! In fact, you can use VistaVapors coupons all the time! Most of our codes are percentage based, so you can use them to get XX% off your order at  VistaVapors' most popular coupon code is VISTATEN. This will get you 10% OFF any order that you place at *Pricing structure when using this code:  10ml Bottle at $2.99 becomes $2.69102ml Bottle at $16.99 becomes $15.29 Here's are some of the best E-Juice coupons that we offer: COUPON: VISTA21 This is a coupon code for 21% OFFvape juice only (First-Time customers only) COUPON: SHIPVISTA Good for FREE SHIPPING on ANY ORDER! (One-time use. U.S. Only) COUPON: VISTATEN10% Off anything and everything in our store! (Valid on every order) On top of these amazing VistaVapors coupons, we also have a Rewards Program that is unlike any other! If you create an account on our website, you will AUTOMATICALLY…

Flavor Friday: A Dessert That Everyone Loves...Banana Split!

Today we have another installment of our Flavor Friday blog series, and this week we are going with an all-time favorite dessert vape juice, the Banana Split!  Awesome Flavor
Posted by Unknown on 25th Jan 2016 ★★★★★My wife loves banana, we have tried banana flavors from multiple places. Every time we visit a vape shop we taste all the banana flavors available. This by far is the best out there. taste just like you were at a mom and pop ice cream shop. - See more at: What I love most about this flavor is versatility. It can be used as a mixing agent in any one of your Mix-Your-Own recipes because of its creamy nature, but it also has a very bold and complete flavor. After the proper steeping time, it is so easy to notice the cornucopia of flavors that are in each and every banana split. Another really awesome thing about this flavor is that it can be vaped and totally enjoyed all by itself! I have (on multiple occasions...) vaped Ban…

Thursday Mix-your-own's Are Becoming Quite Popular!

My mother, as with a lot of mothers, is an outstanding cook. She had blessed me with many delicious recipes as a kid, and in past blogs I have mixed vape juices that have shown off some of her great creations. Today I went ahead and did the same thing! Thanks for the ideas, Mom! One of my favorite recipes of hers is her Fruit "Salad". I say Salad hesitantly, because there are no leafy greens in this dish. In fact, there are no vegetables at all. Sometimes when you have a fruit salad it is several different types of fruits mixed together in a bowl. Her recipe isn't that either. When she makes her Fruit "Salad", she includes whipped cream, marshmallow fluff, mandarin oranges, and fudge dipped cookies. It is to die for. Maybe my favorite dessert-like food in the entire world. Today, I tried my very best to share it with you. I think I nailed it: Now, I'm well aware that the flavors in this recipe do not match the recipe of my mother, but what kind of son woul…

Check Out This Week's Giveaway!

We are currently running a Giveaway on our Facebook page of a HOT new product!!! The Kangertech Topbox Mini Kit and 5 BOTTLES of vape juice will go to ONE LUCKY WINNER!  Even cooler than that, we are offering 20% OFF E-Juice when you use Code: FBLOVE20! Contest closes on Friday! Get entered in that Giveaway and get yourself some juice at a lovely discount before it closes!  VAPE ON!

Mix-your-own Thursday! Yeah I Know It's Not Monday, but We're Mixing It Up!

This week my sweet tooth has been calling for me to make something that will satisfy my cravings, and I think I found the perfect combination! With lots of trading out and moving around and finding EXACTLY what flavors will work, this new vape juice flavor is going to have your tastebuds singing to the High Heavens! While I have had some practice in the realm of flavor-making, this is something that anyone who wants to try the Mix-Your-Owns should do themselves. Really work at your flavors. Try manipulating them, switching out certain ones and introducing others. It will make the experience more fun, and you will eventually come to a flavor combination that becomes your ADV! Enough of the talk, let's get to the flavor! As I stated before, I was looking for something sweet and delicious this week. I also wanted to try mixing more than 3 flavors, so I did that as well. What came out of this experiment is something that I really can vape ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, so I encourage you to try…

More Than Just E-juice

VistaVapors, Inc.: More Than Just Vape Juice This blog is essentially an exposé of a new venture that is taking place here at VistaVapors. Over the past few weeks we have been in progress on the production of a commercial for our customers and all vapers to get an inside look at the VistaVapors team and our mission.  The video itself incorporates thoughts and views from several different employees about their experience in working here, and also includes the story from the Owners as to why they started the company. This video is the perfect opportunity for anyone that is a part of the vaping community to get a chance to see what it looks like to be a part of a company that plays a large role in the vaping market.  The focus of the production was to show viewers that VistaVapors is more than just your E-Juice Manufacturer. We are a collective of minds and personalities that strive each and every day to be the very best representation of the VistaVapors brand that we can be. At a compan…

*New Product Alert* Tech Tuesday Is Back, and It's Big This Time!!!

KANGERTECH TOPBOX MINI The NEW Topbox Mini Kit by Kangertech is the next evolution of the Subox Mini line! Featuring almost the exact same measurements, the kit looks nearly identical to the Subox Kit, however, this new addition features some great pieces of technology! With the introduction of Temperature Control, you can now vape your Stainless Steel, Titanium, Nickel, and NiChrome wire in your Toptank! Also, feel free to crank up the wattage on this baby, as it now gets up to 75W! For one low price, you can bring your vaping experience to the next level with the Topbox Mini Kit by Kangertech! Features: Topfill7W - 75WTemperature Control (Ni200: 200-600° F)Supports 0.1Ω coils and aboveUSB PortKit Includes: 1 x TOPTANK MINI (4 ml)1 x KBOX Mini TC - 75 W1 x RBA Mini Plus - See more here! This is the NEWEST that VistaVapors has to offer, and it is BRAND NEW!!! This kit provides each and every user with nearly limitless capabilities as a vaper while also providing the easy-going experienc…

*New Product Alert* Peaches N Cream Juice!

PEACHES N CREAM Grandma's recipe doesn't stand a chance...but don't tell her we said that! Dessert vape juice flavors will never taste the same after you give this a try! The sweet and aromatic characteristic of a delicious peach pairs perfectly with the creaminess of vanilla ice cream in this new flavor from VistaVapors. Treat yourself to an all-time favorite and bring your vaping experience to the next level! - See more at: This really is better than Grandma's Recipe! I found myself vaping this flavor after lunch...and it felt like I was getting dessert served to me by my Mod... Seriously though...the newest flavor from VistaVapors is not one to be ignored. Get your bottle today because without'll be without it!  VAPE ON and HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!

Flavor Friday! Today It's Kiwi Watermelon!

Great Flavor ★★★★★
Posted by Kim on 20th Dec 2015 Ordered this juice with 50% boost and it was great right out of the mail box. Nice clean taste.
I have never found a watermelon vape that I liked until now. All the rest tasted way too fake to me. - See more reviews here! Kim LOVES this vape juice, and so do I. This is not a joke, I vaped 15ml of Kiwi Watermelon IN ONE DAY because it was so delicious! What I really like about this flavor is that the sweetness of the watermelon is really drawn out by the subtle notes of the Kiwi. It takes no time to notice how flavorful and delicious this juice is because it is an almost instantaneous blast of high-profile flavor right off the bat. I would also recommend trying this with a boost if you are someone that wants a TON of flavor because the flavor doesn't have a particularly overwhelming profile. That is not to be confused with not being flavorful, however. Unlike a menthol or tobacco flavor that will drench your palate with it's prof…

The Vapevoice Is at It Again!!! Episode 8 Is Now Up!

In the latest installment Alex and Lance break down the tank that was sent to them by Sense, The Herakles Plus! This episode is filled with tons of information regarding this tank, and they even tell you what they feel about it overall! One of their major arguments pertains to what made their old tank, The Herakles, such an awesome tank!  Check out the latest episode TODAY! Don't forget to like and subscribe to their  channel, and give them a follow on Twitter @VapeVoicePod! Until next time, have a wonderful day, and VAPE ON!

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Ladies and Gentleman, Meet Sandy!

Sandy is an employee of VistaVapors, and is a really great person. Personally, I can attest to the generosity and sincerity that she exemplifies every single day. VistaVapors is very lucky to have her on board, and we would love to share a little bit about her with our readers! What is your job title here at VistaVapors?  - Production Manager What other areas of business have you had this position before? - I previously was a Manufacturing/Facility/Safety Manager for a fully implantable medical device company. I was part of a team who achieved FDA approval with a unanimous vote to approve our device in 3.5 years! What about your job here makes you excited to wake up and go to work every day? - Definitely the people I work with! This is a rewarding job knowing that we are helping people. Is there a part of your job that you find yourself routinely talking to people about? What is that?  - I do find myself talking to people about all of the flavors and how great our facility smells…

Let's Start the Week Off Right! Mix-your-own Time!

Welcome to this week's installment of the Mix-Your-Own Monday blog! This week, I took a serious dive into uncharted territory...I used a menthol vape juice flavor... If you are a regular reader of these blogs, you will know that I am adamantly opposed to using any form of menthol flavor in literally anything. I don't really even like mint gum...but this week I wanted to try something new for all of those that might be looking for a menthol flavor! My goal was to create something with a fruity-flavor to pair with the menthol. I also wanted to add a bit of a twist to the flavor in order to bring out the subtle notes of the juices. Therefore, it seemed only right to try these three flavors in today's mix-your-own! Here it is!  Icy Menthol, Dragonfruit Pomegranate, and American Tobacco This blend sure does have the ice-cold quality of Icy Menthol! Wow! I first tasted the menthol...obviously...but afterwards I was rather impressed. It took on the flavor of …

Meet Our Staff! Seth From Vistavapors

As with all of our AMAZING VistaVapors employees, Seth is a really great guy. A calm presence in the office, you'd be hard pressed to find Seth walking around on the ground. This is not because Seth doubles as Spider-Man (although it wouldn't surprise me), rather it is because Seth does some very unique jobs that require him to be off the ground!
What is your job title here at VistaVapors? - I am one of the "Utility Guys" here at VistaVapors. Basically, any projects that aren't related to production are my projects! I was responsible for painting the new warehouse and recently I also re-wired a lot of the connectivity in the work space! What do you like to do away from work? I like to spend a lot of time outside, playing volleyball or doing other outdoor related activities. I also like hiking, but pretty much anything outside and you can count me in! How do you bring your passion for the outdoors with you into your job at VistaVapors? - I definitely enjoy getting to…

Mix-your-own Monday Is Back on Monday!

Cheers to starting your week off right, Vapers! Happy Monday from all of us, and to all of you, we have something delicious for you to try! This recipe originated from a classic recipe of my family's. In the Winter season, my mother likes to keep the cold out of the house by baking my family delicious goodies. My mother is known for her skills with the oven, so it became a bit of a challenge for me to emulate something so delicious...that is, until I got back to the Flavor department and got to work. A twist on a classic dessert, my mother enjoys to add a hint of lemon to her homemade cheesecake recipe. It provides a strong citrus accompaniment to something already delicious, while still accenting the creaminess that you look for in a cheesecake. Her favorite way to make it is to add strawberry compote as a topping, so after an hour or so of work she's got herself a deliciously fruity, yet creamy dessert for anyone to enjoy. Without further ado, I present to you "Momma&#…

A *New* Delicious Flavor by Vistavapors

As we continue to experiment with recipes, we have learned that there are some that just need to become flavors of ours, and this new flavor is no exception! Thanks to the brilliant minds in our Flavoring department, any vaper that is looking to get themselves a deliciously creamy and fruity flavor need not go any further than!
Strawberries n Cream is the newest installment to our flavor lineup, and it is one of my favorites of all time. Several of the VistaVapors regulars have already made our Strawberry their "All-Day-Vape", and this flavor is quickly going to become the ADV for even more vapers! This promising combination is meant for any vaper that likes fruit and dessert, or really any vaper that is looking for something very recognizable to vape on. Sometimes, I find that companies will come out with a new vape juice that tastes good, but cannot be compared to it's "real-life" food flavor. This edition of Strawberries n Cream tastes al…

*New Product at Vistavapors* The Aspire Cleito Sub-ohm Tank

There is a new tank on the VistaVapors website that is all set to blow your mind. Created by the brains at Aspire, the Cleito Sub-Ohm tank is revolutionary in it's structure! Down the center of each Sub-Ohm tank exists a chimney, usually made of stainless steel, that is meant to channel the vapor from your coil through the tank and into your lungs. What Aspire did with this tank is essentially completely eliminate the chimney portion, while still allowing for the vapor to get to your lungs. How in the World do they do this? By creating a coil head that is both the chimney AND the heating element!  The coils inside the tank are threaded into the base where the airflow exists, and are stretched throughout the whole system and threaded to the top of the tank! Their structure is meant to bring out the most prominent flavor possible by bringing the vapor into your lungs directly from the heating element. In addition, this increased amount of air that goes over coil causes for an incre…