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Flavor Friday! Today It's Kiwi Watermelon!

Great Flavor ★★★★★
Posted by Kim on 20th Dec 2015 Ordered this juice with 50% boost and it was great right out of the mail box. Nice clean taste.
I have never found a watermelon vape that I liked until now. All the rest tasted way too fake to me. - See more reviews here! Kim LOVES this vape juice, and so do I. This is not a joke, I vaped 15ml of Kiwi Watermelon IN ONE DAY because it was so delicious! What I really like about this flavor is that the sweetness of the watermelon is really drawn out by the subtle notes of the Kiwi. It takes no time to notice how flavorful and delicious this juice is because it is an almost instantaneous blast of high-profile flavor right off the bat. I would also recommend trying this with a boost if you are someone that wants a TON of flavor because the flavor doesn't have a particularly overwhelming profile. That is not to be confused with not being flavorful, however. Unlike a menthol or tobacco flavor that will drench your palate with it's prof…

The Vapevoice Is at It Again!!! Episode 8 Is Now Up!

In the latest installment Alex and Lance break down the tank that was sent to them by Sense, The Herakles Plus! This episode is filled with tons of information regarding this tank, and they even tell you what they feel about it overall! One of their major arguments pertains to what made their old tank, The Herakles, such an awesome tank!  Check out the latest episode TODAY! Don't forget to like and subscribe to their  channel, and give them a follow on Twitter @VapeVoicePod! Until next time, have a wonderful day, and VAPE ON!

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Ladies and Gentleman, Meet Sandy!

Sandy is an employee of VistaVapors, and is a really great person. Personally, I can attest to the generosity and sincerity that she exemplifies every single day. VistaVapors is very lucky to have her on board, and we would love to share a little bit about her with our readers! What is your job title here at VistaVapors?  - Production Manager What other areas of business have you had this position before? - I previously was a Manufacturing/Facility/Safety Manager for a fully implantable medical device company. I was part of a team who achieved FDA approval with a unanimous vote to approve our device in 3.5 years! What about your job here makes you excited to wake up and go to work every day? - Definitely the people I work with! This is a rewarding job knowing that we are helping people. Is there a part of your job that you find yourself routinely talking to people about? What is that?  - I do find myself talking to people about all of the flavors and how great our facility smells…

Let's Start the Week Off Right! Mix-your-own Time!

Welcome to this week's installment of the Mix-Your-Own Monday blog! This week, I took a serious dive into uncharted territory...I used a menthol vape juice flavor... If you are a regular reader of these blogs, you will know that I am adamantly opposed to using any form of menthol flavor in literally anything. I don't really even like mint gum...but this week I wanted to try something new for all of those that might be looking for a menthol flavor! My goal was to create something with a fruity-flavor to pair with the menthol. I also wanted to add a bit of a twist to the flavor in order to bring out the subtle notes of the juices. Therefore, it seemed only right to try these three flavors in today's mix-your-own! Here it is!  Icy Menthol, Dragonfruit Pomegranate, and American Tobacco This blend sure does have the ice-cold quality of Icy Menthol! Wow! I first tasted the menthol...obviously...but afterwards I was rather impressed. It took on the flavor of …

Meet Our Staff! Seth From Vistavapors

As with all of our AMAZING VistaVapors employees, Seth is a really great guy. A calm presence in the office, you'd be hard pressed to find Seth walking around on the ground. This is not because Seth doubles as Spider-Man (although it wouldn't surprise me), rather it is because Seth does some very unique jobs that require him to be off the ground!
What is your job title here at VistaVapors? - I am one of the "Utility Guys" here at VistaVapors. Basically, any projects that aren't related to production are my projects! I was responsible for painting the new warehouse and recently I also re-wired a lot of the connectivity in the work space! What do you like to do away from work? I like to spend a lot of time outside, playing volleyball or doing other outdoor related activities. I also like hiking, but pretty much anything outside and you can count me in! How do you bring your passion for the outdoors with you into your job at VistaVapors? - I definitely enjoy getting to…

Mix-your-own Monday Is Back on Monday!

Cheers to starting your week off right, Vapers! Happy Monday from all of us, and to all of you, we have something delicious for you to try! This recipe originated from a classic recipe of my family's. In the Winter season, my mother likes to keep the cold out of the house by baking my family delicious goodies. My mother is known for her skills with the oven, so it became a bit of a challenge for me to emulate something so delicious...that is, until I got back to the Flavor department and got to work. A twist on a classic dessert, my mother enjoys to add a hint of lemon to her homemade cheesecake recipe. It provides a strong citrus accompaniment to something already delicious, while still accenting the creaminess that you look for in a cheesecake. Her favorite way to make it is to add strawberry compote as a topping, so after an hour or so of work she's got herself a deliciously fruity, yet creamy dessert for anyone to enjoy. Without further ado, I present to you "Momma&#…

A *New* Delicious Flavor by Vistavapors

As we continue to experiment with recipes, we have learned that there are some that just need to become flavors of ours, and this new flavor is no exception! Thanks to the brilliant minds in our Flavoring department, any vaper that is looking to get themselves a deliciously creamy and fruity flavor need not go any further than!
Strawberries n Cream is the newest installment to our flavor lineup, and it is one of my favorites of all time. Several of the VistaVapors regulars have already made our Strawberry their "All-Day-Vape", and this flavor is quickly going to become the ADV for even more vapers! This promising combination is meant for any vaper that likes fruit and dessert, or really any vaper that is looking for something very recognizable to vape on. Sometimes, I find that companies will come out with a new vape juice that tastes good, but cannot be compared to it's "real-life" food flavor. This edition of Strawberries n Cream tastes al…

*New Product at Vistavapors* The Aspire Cleito Sub-ohm Tank

There is a new tank on the VistaVapors website that is all set to blow your mind. Created by the brains at Aspire, the Cleito Sub-Ohm tank is revolutionary in it's structure! Down the center of each Sub-Ohm tank exists a chimney, usually made of stainless steel, that is meant to channel the vapor from your coil through the tank and into your lungs. What Aspire did with this tank is essentially completely eliminate the chimney portion, while still allowing for the vapor to get to your lungs. How in the World do they do this? By creating a coil head that is both the chimney AND the heating element!  The coils inside the tank are threaded into the base where the airflow exists, and are stretched throughout the whole system and threaded to the top of the tank! Their structure is meant to bring out the most prominent flavor possible by bringing the vapor into your lungs directly from the heating element. In addition, this increased amount of air that goes over coil causes for an incre…

We're Gonna Mix-it-up on Wednesday This Time!

As of late, when I have made my trips to the flavor table to put together a vape juice blend, I've been going out of my way to pick flavors that someone would likely not think would go together. In today's edition of the Mix-Your-Own Blog, I went way outside the box with a couple of these flavors.  If you are a regular reader of these Blog's you would know that I really like to mix Ice Cream in my blends. The reason for that is that Ice Cream does a great job of creating a creamy base for any mixture. It is not an overbearing flavor, so when it is mixed with more prominent flavors it sits proudly in the background with a subtle taste. Today's Mix features Ice Cream again, but it is the other two flavors that may surprise you.  Without further ado, I present to you, "Island Crumble"! I thought that by mixing the Papaya and the Cinnamon Churro I might get something similar to a peach cobbler, and I was right! This cobbler, however, tastes more like an island f…

We Are Giving Away Our Biggest Bottle Ever!

Here at VistaVapors, it has always been a really big deal for us to have the opportunity to give away some of our products! We love doing it, especially because it is so exciting for us to see the outpouring of support from vapers. Those responses are a direct reflection of how amazing of a community that Vaping has become! To celebrate that phenomenon, we at VistaVapors wanted to do a HUGE giveaway! Starting today, we are launching a giveaway for our BIGGEST BOTTLE EVER! One lucky winner is going to receive a bottle of our delicious Strawberry flavored vape juice, but that's not all.  This bottle of 946 MILLILITERS! That's 32 fluid ounces of VistaVapors Strawberry juice! To put the quantity in perspective, we consider one of our 102ml bottles to be a month's worth of E-Juice...that means the winner of this giveaway will win over 9 MONTHS WORTH OF VISTAVAPORS E-JUICE! To ENTER: 1. If you haven't already, LIKE our page on FACEBOOK 2. LIKE THE CONTEST P…

It's a Mix-your-own...Thursday?! Yes It Is!

We missed our Monday's Mix-Your-Own Blog...but it gave us the opportunity to take some extra time on a new vape juice recipe for you! First of all, I'd like to point out that the Mix-Your-Own option is something that we at VistaVapors take a LOT of pride in. Mix-Your-Own is an incredibly fun and interactive way for every customer to make the juice that best suits their vaping cravings. Thousands of VistaVapors customers have already given Mix-Your-Own a try, and I highly encourage ANYONE that hasn't tried it yet to do so as soon as they can! For today's mixture I wanted to make something delicious, but I wanted to limit my flavors to exclusively one's that I feel would be used or paired with a more dramatic flavor. For example, I think that Ice Cream is a terrific flavor by itself, but in my opinion, the best of Ice Cream is brought out by mixing it with other flavors. It brings a sweet creaminess to a mixture that cannot be emulated without it! The flavors I used…