A *New* Delicious Flavor by Vistavapors

As we continue to experiment with recipes, we have learned that there are some that just need to become flavors of ours, and this new flavor is no exception! Thanks to the brilliant minds in our Flavoring department, any vaper that is looking to get themselves a deliciously creamy and fruity flavor need not go any further than www.vistavapors.com!
Strawberries n Cream is the newest installment to our flavor lineup, and it is one of my favorites of all time. Several of the VistaVapors regulars have already made our Strawberry their "All-Day-Vape", and this flavor is quickly going to become the ADV for even more vapers!
This promising combination is meant for any vaper that likes fruit and dessert, or really any vaper that is looking for something very recognizable to vape on. Sometimes, I find that companies will come out with a new vape juice that tastes good, but cannot be compared to it's "real-life" food flavor. This edition of Strawberries n Cream tastes almost exactly what a strawberry with whipped cream on it would taste like. Delicious.
Try it today at www.vistavapors.com and get your VAPE ON! 


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