Flavor Friday! Today It's Kiwi Watermelon!

Great Flavor ★★★★★
Posted by Kim on 20th Dec 2015 
Ordered this juice with 50% boost and it was great right out of the mail box. Nice clean taste.
I have never found a watermelon vape that I liked until now. All the rest tasted way too fake to me.
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Kim LOVES this vape juice, and so do I. This is not a joke, I vaped 15ml of Kiwi Watermelon IN ONE DAY because it was so delicious! What I really like about this flavor is that the sweetness of the watermelon is really drawn out by the subtle notes of the Kiwi. It takes no time to notice how flavorful and delicious this juice is because it is an almost instantaneous blast of high-profile flavor right off the bat.
I would also recommend trying this with a boost if you are someone that wants a TON of flavor because the flavor doesn't have a particularly overwhelming profile. That is not to be confused with not being flavorful, however. Unlike a menthol or tobacco flavor that will drench your palate with it's profile, this juice has a very full-bodied effect that is only drawn out further by a boost option!
Try this and MANY more flavors (180+ of them) at www.vistavapors.com TODAY and bring your vaping experience to the next level!
Have a terrific Friday, and VAPE ON!


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