It's a Mix-your-own...Thursday?! Yes It Is!

We missed our Monday's Mix-Your-Own Blog...but it gave us the opportunity to take some extra time on a new vape juice recipe for you!
First of all, I'd like to point out that the Mix-Your-Own option is something that we at VistaVapors take a LOT of pride in. Mix-Your-Own is an incredibly fun and interactive way for every customer to make the juice that best suits their vaping cravings. Thousands of VistaVapors customers have already given Mix-Your-Own a try, and I highly encourage ANYONE that hasn't tried it yet to do so as soon as they can!
For today's mixture I wanted to make something delicious, but I wanted to limit my flavors to exclusively one's that I feel would be used or paired with a more dramatic flavor. For example, I think that Ice Cream is a terrific flavor by itself, but in my opinion, the best of Ice Cream is brought out by mixing it with other flavors. It brings a sweet creaminess to a mixture that cannot be emulated without it! The flavors I used today are a like Ice Cream in that regard. For me, the flavors I chose today are best used when they are mixed with something else. I figured it would be an interesting place to take this blog for a couple of reasons. First, I think it shows that several of our flavors are great to Mix with subtle and dominant flavors. Second, I think it will show Vapers even a couple more options for Mixing that they may not have thought about in the past. 
Without further ado, I present today's flavor. It is a combination of four distinctly different flavors that all carry their own merit. As I stated earlier, and again this is my opinion, these flavors are one's that show their true colors when they are mixed with another flavor. Today I bring you:
Cinnamon Churro, Cheesecake, and Caramel Coffee! Otherwise known as...C's Please! (Pronounced: Sees Please)
When I mixed these flavors, it didn't even hit me until the end of mixing that I had used exclusively flavors that started with C! Maybe that's what makes them so compatible...or maybe not. All I know is that these flavors Mix incredibly well. One thing that I believe rings true with this Mixture is what I anticipated to be the case. Not one of these flavors particularly dominates the profile. What they do very well is compliment each other and create one very wholesome flavor.  
Try this delicious combination or one of your own today at!


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