Let's Start the Week Off Right! Mix-your-own Time!

Welcome to this week's installment of the Mix-Your-Own Monday blog!
This week, I took a serious dive into uncharted territory...I used a menthol vape juice flavor...
If you are a regular reader of these blogs, you will know that I am adamantly opposed to using any form of menthol flavor in literally anything. I don't really even like mint gum...but this week I wanted to try something new for all of those that might be looking for a menthol flavor!
My goal was to create something with a fruity-flavor to pair with the menthol. I also wanted to add a bit of a twist to the flavor in order to bring out the subtle notes of the juices. Therefore, it seemed only right to try these three flavors in today's mix-your-own!
Here it is! 
Icy Menthol, Dragonfruit Pomegranate, and American Tobacco
This blend sure does have the ice-cold quality of Icy Menthol! Wow! I first tasted the menthol...obviously...but afterwards I was rather impressed. It took on the flavor of what I would argue is somewhat like a fruit flavored cigar...
So, essentially, it tastes like a pomegranate cigar with a menthol twist, and it is SO good. Great is probably a better adjective. Yeah...it is GREAT. That feels better. Try this out today at  www.vistavapors.com and blow your hair back with this incredibly fresh flavor!
Until next time, have a wonderful Monday, and VAPE ON!


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