Meet Our Staff! Seth From Vistavapors

As with all of our AMAZING VistaVapors employees, Seth is a really great guy. A calm presence in the office, you'd be hard pressed to find Seth walking around on the ground. This is not because Seth doubles as Spider-Man (although it wouldn't surprise me), rather it is because Seth does some very unique jobs that require him to be off the ground!

What is your job title here at VistaVapors?
- I am one of the "Utility Guys" here at VistaVapors. Basically, any projects that aren't related to production are my projects! I was responsible for painting the new warehouse and recently I also re-wired a lot of the connectivity in the work space!
What do you like to do away from work?
I like to spend a lot of time outside, playing volleyball or doing other outdoor related activities. I also like hiking, but pretty much anything outside and you can count me in!
How do you bring your passion for the outdoors with you into your job at VistaVapors?
- I definitely enjoy getting to be involved in building maintenance and working with my hands. I also get to be the guy who gets up on the ladder and works on a project, which is fun for me!
Are you a vaper? What's your go-to VistaVapors vape juice flavor?
Yes I am an avid vaper, and I vape daily! I love our Strawberries n Cream flavor, I vape it all day!
What are you vaping on these days?
- The new Aspire Cleito is my go-to tank. It's so nice...I love the flavor!
Any closing comments for the readers?
I love my job for a lot of reasons, but it is just cool to work somewhere that takes good care of people. Our customer service department is awesome, we have the best juice...I could go on!
There ya have it folks! Our very own, Seth! 
Thank you for checking in, and as always, VAPE ON!


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