Mix-your-own Monday Is Back on Monday!

Cheers to starting your week off right, Vapers! Happy Monday from all of us, and to all of you, we have something delicious for you to try!
This recipe originated from a classic recipe of my family's. In the Winter season, my mother likes to keep the cold out of the house by baking my family delicious goodies. My mother is known for her skills with the oven, so it became a bit of a challenge for me to emulate something so delicious...that is, until I got back to the Flavor department and got to work.
A twist on a classic dessert, my mother enjoys to add a hint of lemon to her homemade cheesecake recipe. It provides a strong citrus accompaniment to something already delicious, while still accenting the creaminess that you look for in a cheesecake. Her favorite way to make it is to add strawberry compote as a topping, so after an hour or so of work she's got herself a deliciously fruity, yet creamy dessert for anyone to enjoy.
Without further ado, I present to you "Momma's Cheesecake"! It is a mixture of Lemon Rain, Cheesecake, and Strawberry Splash!
I find that the Lemon Rain does a fantastic job of taking the place of the lemon zest that my mother includes in her cheesecake filling, and the Strawberry Splash is just like the compote that she creates. The reason for that is the sweetness you'll find in the Strawberry Splash is very similar to the sweetness in any compote.
If you're looking for a delicious dessert flavor, one that really makes it's home on your palate, then this vape juice flavor is for you! Try it, or some of our remaining delicious 180+ flavors, at www.vistavapors.com/mix-your-juice!
Have a wonderful Monday, and VAPE ON!


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