*New Product at Vistavapors* The Aspire Cleito Sub-ohm Tank

There is a new tank on the VistaVapors website that is all set to blow your mind. Created by the brains at Aspire, the Cleito Sub-Ohm tank is revolutionary in it's structure!
Down the center of each Sub-Ohm tank exists a chimney, usually made of stainless steel, that is meant to channel the vapor from your coil through the tank and into your lungs. What Aspire did with this tank is essentially completely eliminate the chimney portion, while still allowing for the vapor to get to your lungs. How in the World do they do this? By creating a coil head that is both the chimney AND the heating element! 
The coils inside the tank are threaded into the base where the airflow exists, and are stretched throughout the whole system and threaded to the top of the tank! Their structure is meant to bring out the most prominent flavor possible by bringing the vapor into your lungs directly from the heating element. In addition, this increased amount of air that goes over coil causes for an increase in cloud production and density! 
On the base of the tank sits the airflow mechanism which is a simple, yet very effective, three-hole swivel-style system. The ring at the base spins around to open or close the airflow according to user preference. Something that makes this airflow so effective is that they eliminate the extra parts for the air to move through. By creating a channel that is uniform in diameter, the air pressure never changes once it enters the tank. This allows for a very consistent vaping experience, because the volume of air that goes through the Cleito is also consistent. 
In addition to revolutionizing the structure of Sub-Ohm coils this tank offers features that will make any vaper happy! First of all...it's a top-fill tank, which is necessary and extremely helpful. No longer must you remove your tank from your mod to fill up your juice. Thank goodness for that! Also, playing to the aesthetic side of our brains, they provide each kit with colored rubber rings to attach and add some color to your tank!
Overall, for the EXTREMELY low price of $21.99 (not a joke!) you can get yourself hooked up with what I believe to be the best Sub-Ohm tank on the market, and something that may change vaping forever! Check it out today at www.vistavapors.com and, as always, VAPE ON! 

For more information about vape juice and vaping products visit: https://www.vistavapors.com/


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