We're Gonna Mix-it-up on Wednesday This Time!

As of late, when I have made my trips to the flavor table to put together a vape juice blend, I've been going out of my way to pick flavors that someone would likely not think would go together. In today's edition of the Mix-Your-Own Blog, I went way outside the box with a couple of these flavors. 
If you are a regular reader of these Blog's you would know that I really like to mix Ice Cream in my blends. The reason for that is that Ice Cream does a great job of creating a creamy base for any mixture. It is not an overbearing flavor, so when it is mixed with more prominent flavors it sits proudly in the background with a subtle taste. Today's Mix features Ice Cream again, but it is the other two flavors that may surprise you. 
Without further ado, I present to you, "Island Crumble"!
I thought that by mixing the Papaya and the Cinnamon Churro I might get something similar to a peach cobbler, and I was right! This cobbler, however, tastes more like an island fruit than a traditional peach cobbler because of the unique flavor of Papaya. In addition, the Cinnamon Churro acts as the "crumble" part of the dessert. In effect, it created a bit of a pie crust taste, but with a stronger hint of cinnamon. The Cinnamon Churro and the Papaya accent each other in such a way that inspires me to try this as a recipe in my oven at home!
If you are looking for something unique and delicious to vape on, something that you would probably be able to vape all day (I know I could!), then this Mixture is for you!
Try this and all of the other 180+ Flavor options at our Mix-Your-Own page
Have a great day and VAPE ON!


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