Flavor Friday: A Dessert That Everyone Loves...Banana Split!

Today we have another installment of our Flavor Friday blog series, and this week we are going with an all-time favorite dessert vape juice, the Banana Split! 
Awesome Flavor
Posted by Unknown on 25th Jan 2016 ★★★★★
My wife loves banana, we have tried banana flavors from multiple places. Every time we visit a vape shop we taste all the banana flavors available. This by far is the best out there. taste just like you were at a mom and pop ice cream shop. 
- See more at: http://www.vistavapors.com/banana-split/#sthash.z... 
What I love most about this flavor is versatility. It can be used as a mixing agent in any one of your Mix-Your-Own recipes because of its creamy nature, but it also has a very bold and complete flavor. After the proper steeping time, it is so easy to notice the cornucopia of flavors that are in each and every banana split. Another really awesome thing about this flavor is that it can be vaped and totally enjoyed all by itself! I have (on multiple occasions...) vaped Banana Split all day, and have vaped upwards of 20mls of it in a single day! 
Get a bottle for yourself, as they start at just $2.99 a bottle, and enjoy the heck out of your vaping experience! 


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