Flavor Friday! Today It's Something You Wouldn't Think of!

I use this particular flavor for just about every single Mix-Your-Own that I do; obviously I do so for a good reason. I truly feel that the unique notes in this vape juice flavor set it apart from just about any one that you can find on the market. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Almond.

Smooth Almond Flavor ★★★★★
Posted by DANA ANDERSON on 6th Mar 2015 
"This almond flavor is delightfully rich with a wonderful aroma. When I am vaping this flavor it reminds me of the almond butter spritz cookies we used to bake at Christmas! If you love sweet almonds, this is for you!"
Dana speaks the truth. The aromatic qualities of VistaVapors Almond flavor is one you can't ignore. Frankly, you won't want to ignore it! On more than one occasion I have found myself feeling the nostalgia of smelling delicious baked goods when I would come home from college. Almond really does have that "homey" aroma to it, and the flavor of this juice is almost EXACTLY like Almond Extract. You really can't go wrong here...get yourself a bottle of VistaVapors Almond flavored e-juice today at www.vistavapors.com/almond and VAPE ON! 


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