Mix-your-own Thursday! Yeah I Know It's Not Monday, but We're Mixing It Up!

This week my sweet tooth has been calling for me to make something that will satisfy my cravings, and I think I found the perfect combination! With lots of trading out and moving around and finding EXACTLY what flavors will work, this new vape juice flavor is going to have your tastebuds singing to the High Heavens!
While I have had some practice in the realm of flavor-making, this is something that anyone who wants to try the Mix-Your-Owns should do themselves. Really work at your flavors. Try manipulating them, switching out certain ones and introducing others. It will make the experience more fun, and you will eventually come to a flavor combination that becomes your ADV!
Enough of the talk, let's get to the flavor! As I stated before, I was looking for something sweet and delicious this week. I also wanted to try mixing more than 3 flavors, so I did that as well. What came out of this experiment is something that I really can vape ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, so I encourage you to try it! Here goes!
Fruity Gum, Honey Nut Cereal, Marshmallow, and Breakfast Grits! 
I tried to make a "Fruity Cereal Bar" and this is almost EXACTLY what they taste like! I've never tried mixing all of these flavors together, obviously, but now I look at the past with dismay! What was I doing all this time?! 
Whatever...all I can do is move forward know that this is my new ADV!!!
Have a wonderful day, and VAPE ON!


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