More Than Just E-juice

VistaVapors, Inc.: More Than Just Vape Juice
This blog is essentially an exposé of a new venture that is taking place here at VistaVapors. Over the past few weeks we have been in progress on the production of a commercial for our customers and all vapers to get an inside look at the VistaVapors team and our mission. 
The video itself incorporates thoughts and views from several different employees about their experience in working here, and also includes the story from the Owners as to why they started the company. This video is the perfect opportunity for anyone that is a part of the vaping community to get a chance to see what it looks like to be a part of a company that plays a large role in the vaping market. 
The focus of the production was to show viewers that VistaVapors is more than just your E-Juice Manufacturer. We are a collective of minds and personalities that strive each and every day to be the very best representation of the VistaVapors brand that we can be. At a company that is so focused on the feedback and experience of each and every customer, we felt it was our responsibility to share with you what makes us so passionate about this business. 
As a vaper, I look forward to the opportunity that this commercial provides to all vapers of the world; the chance to see who makes your juice. You already love the flavors, now you have a chance to see the face behind the love that goes into each and every bottle of juice that we ship out of our doors. 


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