Thursday Mix-your-own's Are Becoming Quite Popular!

My mother, as with a lot of mothers, is an outstanding cook. She had blessed me with many delicious recipes as a kid, and in past blogs I have mixed vape juices that have shown off some of her great creations. Today I went ahead and did the same thing! Thanks for the ideas, Mom!
One of my favorite recipes of hers is her Fruit "Salad". I say Salad hesitantly, because there are no leafy greens in this dish. In fact, there are no vegetables at all. Sometimes when you have a fruit salad it is several different types of fruits mixed together in a bowl. Her recipe isn't that either. When she makes her Fruit "Salad", she includes whipped cream, marshmallow fluff, mandarin oranges, and fudge dipped cookies. It is to die for. Maybe my favorite dessert-like food in the entire world. Today, I tried my very best to share it with you. I think I nailed it:
Now, I'm well aware that the flavors in this recipe do not match the recipe of my mother, but what kind of son would I be if I completely stole her idea?! A mean one. That's the kind. 
BUT! I like to think I am NOT a mean son, and with that in mind I put my own twist on a classic. If you are out there wondering and searching for a delightful flavor to put in your tank, I have the recipe for you! Check out those pictures right above this text. If you mix Clementine, Sugar Cookies, Marshmallow, and Ice Cream together in our Mix-Your-Own section of the website, you WILL be satisfied. I can guarantee you that!
I hope you have an outstanding Thursday! VAPE ON!


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