Mix-your-own Monday!

This installment of the Mix-Your-Own vape juice series is one for the ages. It took me a very long time to come up with this great recipe, about 10 seconds, and I CANNOT wait to share it with you all!
As I was brainstorming, I was trying to come up with a recipe that would scream the word "Spring"...but I had some trouble coming up with one...after the brainstorming session it occurred to me that there is only one thing that screams spring more than anything else! SHAVED ICE! Okay, maybe it doesn't scream the word spring more than anything else... I will say, though, that with the temperature in MN getting as high as 65°F, all I really wanted to do today was sit outside in a lawn chair and eat an icee!
I couldn't do that, because I am at work. I like to have fun at my job, but I also really like my job. I don't want to risk getting into trouble here...even for something as incredible as an icee. I do have a remedy to my problem though...I can just make the flavor! Here's what I came up with, I recommend you all give it a try! It rocks!
I was totally confident that this would taste like my favorite icee in the whole world, the strawberry lemonade one, and it does! Almost perfectly! It is incredibly refreshing, and it has that really gently lemony flavor. Not one that makes you pucker your lips and shake your head because it is so sour! I was really happy with this flavor, and I think you will be too! Try it out today at  www.vistavapors.com/mix-your-juice
As always, have a wonderful day, and VAPE ON! 


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