Vistavapors Is Making a Change to Their PG/VG Options

Amidst the immanent changes to the vaping industry we will be making changes to some of the products that we offer in order to comply with the FDA Regulations. VistaVapors will be making such changes to their PG/VG options. These changes are both in response to the direction that the vaping industry is going with innovation, and also as a means to better comply with regulations.
As the vaping world has expanded, so has the list of available products. In addition to there being a larger variety of products and devices for consumers to use, the older products are being refined and developed into better versions of themselves. When vaping first became popular, the 70PG/30VG blend was essential to allow atomizers that could not wick a thicker solution to still wick properly. However, as innovation has occurred, those atomizers have become increasingly compatible with thicker vape juice blends. For that reason, we are confident that removing the 70/30 blend will not be of drastic detriment to those that need more PG in their juice. Our 50/50 blend is perfectly compatible with tanks and atomizers that would otherwise use the 70/30 blend!
For those customers of ours that are currently using the 70/30 blend, and find this change to be an inconvenience, we offer our sincerest apologies. In no way was this decision made to deter those of you from using our juice in your device. If you are someone that uses that particular blend, please do not hesitate to email with your concerns and questions. They are there to help, and will know exactly what to do to make this an easy-flowing process.
On behalf of VistaVapors, we extend a massive thank you to everyone in the VistaVapors family. You are all incredibly important to us, both as people and as customers. We would not be here without each and every one of you. Thank you for being amazing!
Have a wonderful day, and as usual...VAPE ON!


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