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In order to keep you, the Vista vaper, informed about what's going on at VistaVapors, as well as to make sure that you're having as much fun being a part of the family as we are, we have changed the way some of the social outreach will take place at VistaVapors. From now on, you can expect that VistaVapors will be going LIVE on Facebook, Periscope, YouTube, and our website - - to have Giveaways and News segments DAILY!
Now, not only will you be able to stay up-to-date with all of the goings on at VistaVapors, you'll have a chance to WIN all kinds of awesome stuff from VistaVapors and beyond! Last week's giveaway was for an Amazon Echo, yesterday's was for a Coupon Code, and who knows what today's will be! You'll have to tune in to find out...
Entering to win the giveaways is as easy as tuning in to our LIVE streams from any one of the platforms we will be streaming from, and as long as you stay for the entire video and comment and like the post, you'll be entered in the drawing! Future giveaways will be full of incredible stuff - ranging from cash, to coupons, and yes, even a PS4! We encourage all viewers to share the content using the SHARE button on all of the platforms, because as the viewer count increases, we'll be able to start giving away more valuable items, and more often too! 
After each stream takes place you'll notice on the platform that you're on you'll be able to sign up for LIVE Notifications, and this is exceptionally important to remember. If you don't sign up for the LIVE Notifications, you will probably miss out on our Daily Giveaways, and who wants to miss something like that? No one. Not a single person wants to miss their chance to win. So, in light of that fact, we encourage you to click that Notification button (on YouTube it's a bell shaped icon, and on Facebook it's a blue bar that reads 'LIVE Notifications') and join us when we're LIVE!
If you have any questions regarding LIVE Giveaways, or even regarding VistaVapors in general, we're here to help! So, simply write us an email at or Chat with us at!
Join us LIVE today, and VAPE ON!

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