Mix Your Own Madness Sale and More From Vistavapors!

Today marks the beginning of our sale on Mix Your Own's! Each bottle will be $2 off, which gives you a wonderful opportunity to try out smaller bottle sizes of flavor mixes that you've never gotten before for nearly 30% off! However, if you already know your favorite mix, use our buy in bulk feature (available at the bottom of the mixing window right next to the 'Add to Cart' button), and save 20% on your purchase in addition to the $2 per bottle savings! 
Our Mix-Your-Own option allows you to mix your flavors into a recipe that will be true to what you're looking for! There are thousands and thousands of available combinations for you to try, the world is your oyster! It's a very simple process, and here's how it works:
  • First, you'll pick a "Primary" vape juice flavor from a list of 100 unique flavors to begin your mixture.
  • After that, you will pick one of the "Secondary" flavors, each of which was carefully crafted to facilitate extremely versatile blends.
From chocolate and caramel to strawberry banana, you will have the option to choose flavors from whatever realm your taste buds are calling for! Now you can create amazing recipes like chocolate covered strawberries and sweet and fluffy raspberries without worrying that your recipe won't turn out the way you like!
So, stop on over to the Mix-Your-Own page here, and give it a try! You'll really enjoy your creations! The sale lasts through the weekend, April 7th to 9th, so take advantage this weekend when you're looking for juice!


  • We released a few videos this week on our FacebookTwitter and Snapchat accounts featuring the new up-and-coming group - The VaporShopTrio! Check them out, you'll love them!
  • Stay tuned for more news and information regarding our upcoming Giveaways for cool items! Right now, we are giving away a PS4 to those to take a picture of themselves with their packing slips and post them on Facebook! To learn more, just read the bottom of your packing slips.
Thanks for checking out our blog!
Stay tuned for more information, and in the meantime, VAPE ON!


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