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Does Vape Juice Ever Go Bad?

As with any consumable, there's the looming question, will this go bad over time? The simple answer when it comes to vape juice is, no! But nothing is that simple, is it? Here's the sitch... E-Juice as a mixture will continue to steep over time, until the end of time, and eventually, will become so steeped that the flavor is incredibly strong. For some folks, that's not a problem at all, while others like their juice to be "just right". There's no harm in either preference, but in making sure that you're vaping a juice that you love, it's important to note that the longer the bottle sits, the more it will steep. Generally, we use the rule of thumb of 6 months for juice consumption. If you're using your juice regularly after purchase, you will likely use what you've got before the 6 month passes by, but even so, the juice won't be spoiled at that time. In fact, I've been known to find old bottles of juice and to try them out many month…

Is Vaping Safe? We Give You Our Thoughts.

The Ultimate Question when it comes to switching from smoking to vaping: Is Vaping Even Safe? You've read in an article from some big news outlet somewhere, or from a friend, or a friend of a friend, that vaping is no better than smoking, and that it might even be more dangerous, but is that true? The simplest answer to that question is: No. That is not true. But nothing in life is that simple; there's an abundance of information floating around regarding the safety of electronic cigarettes. This story began decades ago, and it began with smoking. A Brief History of Tobacco Regulation Starting in 1970, the United States government began the bulk their efforts to regulate smoking and smoking advertisements in the modern era. Although, for decades (up to centuries in some cases) prior to the 1970's, there had already been a plethora of information released in Europe regarding the dangers of smoking, this was the first real step that American lawmakers had taken in regulation…

This Week's Featured Vistavapors Employee Is David!

It's become part of the VistaVapors way to include caricatures of one of the VistaVapors employees on the packing slips for outgoing orders on a weekly basis. In addition to that, that employee will be the one sending you a video once your order ships, so make sure to check out the video if you place an order this week! In a way, this week is extra special, you get to meet David! David is one of the Founding Fathers of VistaVapors, and started this company with his business partner, William, back in 2013. Dating back to when he was just a kid, David has always had a knack for business and people, and those skills have proved extremely valuable on his journey with VistaVapors. He and William founded VistaVapors with one mission in mind, to provide a high-quality and affordable product to all who are looking to get started vaping, and to have incredible customer service. On all accounts, that mission has stayed on the forefront of all of their business practice, and through his const…