Does Vape Juice Ever Go Bad?

As with any consumable, there's the looming question, will this go bad over time? The simple answer when it comes to vape juice is, no! But nothing is that simple, is it?
Here's the sitch...
E-Juice as a mixture will continue to steep over time, until the end of time, and eventually, will become so steeped that the flavor is incredibly strong. For some folks, that's not a problem at all, while others like their juice to be "just right". There's no harm in either preference, but in making sure that you're vaping a juice that you love, it's important to note that the longer the bottle sits, the more it will steep.
Generally, we use the rule of thumb of 6 months for juice consumption. If you're using your juice regularly after purchase, you will likely use what you've got before the 6 month passes by, but even so, the juice won't be spoiled at that time. In fact, I've been known to find old bottles of juice and to try them out many months after having gotten them. In my case, I really enjoy the extra steeped juices!
When it comes down to it, eJuice does not spoil, but it can steep too much. For some, that poses an issue, and in those cases we would encourage consumers to use what they have before 6 months have passed. Otherwise, you can just vape your juices to your heart's content!
Preference is everything in this case. If you're vaping something that you've had for an exceptionally long time, and you like the way it tastes, you can continue to do so without worrying about something having gone wrong in the bottle during that time. 
It is important to note, though, that some flavors become over-steeped much quicker than others. As I stated above, our general rule is 6 months, but with some menthol flavors, the juice can tend to thicken a little faster. It's recommended in our case that those bottles be used, or at least shaken periodically, prior to the 6 month time.
If you've got any questions in this regard, please reach out to us at! In the meantime, VAPE ON!


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