Tips for E-juice Reviews | Vistavapors' Guide to Reviews


1. Smell Test - Does Your Nose Like It?

The first step in reviewing vape juice is to perform the simplest test of all, the Smell Test! Your Olfactory sensors are not just based in taste, they are also based in odors, how your sense of smell interprets the same chemicals that your taste buds are sensing. While each person has between 5,000 - 10,000 taste buds in their mouth and throat (BrainFacts, 2012) everyone also has additional Olfactory glands that are tied directly to your sense of smell. Without using your nose for testing flavor, you're really only getting half of the ground covered. Using your sense of smell as part of your review will not only provide additional depth to your review, but it will also give a broader perspective on the actual flavor, not just taste. 

2. Flavor Character is a Must-Address!

On certain occasions, it is even more important to highlight this factor, but it should always be something you pay close attention to mentioning. The profile of many flavors (flavor character) can be determined by simply looking at the flavor and reading the name. A good example of this would be our Razz Jelly Donut flavor, as it is about as straightforward as a name can get. What's this juice supposed to taste like? Raspberry Jelly Donuts. Now, a more difficult flavor to do this with would be Star Dust from our Lift Off line; what on Earth (or space, lol) is Star Dust supposed to taste like? When you're doing a review, it's important to categorize the flavor to best fit the character of the juice. For example, "Star Dust is a fruit-based flavor that combines Strawberry Kiwi and Mangoes, amidst other flavors". Simply put, it's going to assist you not only in comparing the flavor you are reviewing to other flavors with similar character, but also in communicating effectively to your audience. 

3. Spend Some Time With the E-Juice - Get to Know Each Other a Bit

Okay, so you don't actually need to make plans with your juice and take it out to a fancy dinner, or anything, but it's hugely important that you vape whatever flavor you're reviewing over a longer period of time than just a day or two. Initial thoughts are very important, as things like smell and appearance should absolutely play a role in your final thoughts, but too often a juice is made out to be the greatest or worst ever without any real time for testing. A good rule of thumb to use is one week. After 7 days of vaping a flavor in a variety of devices under a variety of conditions, you will have a much deeper perspective of how the flavor will vape across the board. There are times when in the first tank or drip of trying something, you're absolutely thrilled, but after a week it's just not the same, and vice versa. Take your time, and you'll build up a well-tested perspective of the e-Liquid.

4. Set Your Guidelines and STICK TO THEM

This one is about as important as doing the review itself. Set your Guidelines for flavors, and use them for every single review that you do. Your Guidelines can be subjective, for sure, but they should also be relatable. Some folks like to theme their review channel on a certain facet of a product, like the look or packaging, while others do a full-scale review of the product where they test it through and through. In either case, the format and guidelines for your latest review should match the format you used on your previous review to a "T". Many juice reviewers use things like Overall look, Smell, Body of Flavor, and Quality of Vape as their guidelines, but yours are ultimately up to you!

5. Answer the Simple Questions First

How much does the e-juice cost? Where can your audience buy it? What bottle sizes, nicotine strength, and PG/VG options are available to the consumer? How did you come by the flavors? (Were they sent to you or did you buy them?) Who might the flavor be good for?
All of these questions can, and should, be answered early on in your review. When your audience is watching/reading your review, they're looking for answers to these questions. Other information, including your overall opinion of the juice, can come immediately following the answers to these questions. The reason for doing this is to get all of this stuff out of the way. You're likely going to touch on the answers to these questions at some point, but it can be detrimental to your review to forget one or some of those bits of information. So, to ensure you're not forgetting anything, make sure to hit the easy stuff first.

6. Be Honest, and Be Thorough

This can be a touchy point in any review, as many reviewers are getting juice sent to them by manufacturers, and you don't want to bite the hand that feeds you. Be honest with your audience, as ultimately, that's who you're working for. As a reviewer, it's your duty to provide honest feedback to your audience, so they can make an informed decision when they're in the position to buy. Whatever your opinion on an eLiquid may be, good or bad, it's important to be as straightforward and honest as you can possibly be. Almost all of the most successful reviewers on the largest platforms have gotten to be that way because of honesty and transparency. Whether you're in love with a flavor, or hate it, or even have a mixed opinion on it, its your honesty that will make you an effective and trustworthy reviewer. Any company sending out product for review understands that there are going to be mixed opinions on what they have to offer. Its easy to forget that when you're getting stuff sent to you for review, and in-turn to allow that to impede on what you share with your audience. Be transparent, and be honest. Your audience will appreciate and thank you for it, and that's all that matters in the end!
This is obviously not a full-fledged checklist of the necessary steps for putting together a review of eJuices, but this is what we started going with as we were developing flavors of our own. A while back, we dropped about 180 Premium flavors on our site, and each one of them was vetted with this process.
As always, contact us at with any questions you may have, and VAPE ON!
Sources: Society for Neuroscience. "Taste and Smell." BrainFacts.Org. Society for Neuroscience, 1 Apr. 2012. Web. 26 June 2017.


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