What Is an Ejuice Calculator? Do I Need One? What's the Point?

Why on Earth would I need an vape juice calculator? What is the point?...
A long time ago, when e-cigarettes were first gaining popularity, DIY eJuice was becoming more and more popular simultaneously. There's a lot that goes into making one's own eJuice, so a few different websites decided to build calculators for their users to assist them in blending their own flavors. 
Because of the language pertaining to DIY in the FDA's regulatory bill, many companies no longer carry or promote the use of DIY products, for the purpose of maintaining integrity in the face of these new regulations. However, through all of this, VistaVapors has continued to carry our Mix Your Own product, which has been about as close to DIY as one can get.
Mix Your Owns at VistaVapors are the quintessential juice creation tool that allows you, the consumer, to choose exactly what you want your juice to taste like, and we will make it for you! As an already licensed manufacturer and distributor, it's our job to make sure that the juices are made right, and we've been doing that for years, just for you. Try a popular combination of Strawnana and Sweet n Fluffy, or try something way out of left field like, American Tobacco and Caramel Complexity! No matter your motivations, there's a mix that's perfect for you. We offer nearly 30 thousand different combinations...so you'd be hard pressed to try them all, however, we don't discourage that!
You want to make your own recipes? Let us make them for you. Design your combination, name your flavor, and we'll send it over nice and fresh. From there, it's just about you vaping away as usual!


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