What's the Real Difference Between Premium Juice and Inexpensive Juice?

What's the REAL difference; why do Premiums cost more?
We get asked this question all the time, and it's a great question! In normal context, it makes sense for something that's labeled "Premium" to cost more, but what actually makes a Premium vape juice
E-juice is a very interesting product, as it's essentially a translation of an idea or recipe from the real world that's been converted into something you can vape. Not often in life do you see an imitation product that's based purely on market demand. It's kind of like Tofu, in a way, in that Tofu can be made to taste like many different cuts of meat, without ever actually being the real thing. You can find eLiquids everywhere on the market that taste like all sorts of things you'd normally eat, like Berry Pound Cake, for example. 
Think of buying juice like you would foods. For example, if you're buying an $8 Cheeseburger, it's likely that will be a pretty good burger, but a $25 Cheeseburger? That better be the best darn burger you've ever eaten. There in lies the difference between inexpensive ejuice and Premium ejuice; the pricier the burger, the better that burger has to be for you to enjoy it, or purchase it again. When building out recipes for Premium ejuices, we put the level of importance on quality control that we have with all of our other flavors, but it's the recipe and blend that separates Premiums from the rest of the pack.
Take Blue Raspberry, the all-time top selling flavor at VistaVapors, and compare it with Radberry Squeeze from our SuckerUp line. The base profile of the two juices is very similar, as they are both Blue Raspberry. However, if you were to vape the two of them back to back, you'd notice a burst of other flavors accompanied by the blue raspberry in Radberry Squeeze, including a hard candy flavor and some extra sweet and sour kick! Another example would be the entire line of Dirty Pig eLiquids. Each one of those flavors uses a Cotton Candy base, which is another top selling flavor at our site, but the big difference comes in what's paired with the Cotton Candy. Mud Bath, as an example, is a combination of Cotton Candy and a caramel apple (it's delish, by the way!), which is a flavor profile you would not otherwise be able to try anywhere else. 
When comparing inexpensive juice and Premium juice, the primary point of comparison is the flavor profile itself. When you're purchasing a Premium juice, your purchasing a bottle of ejuice comprised of a dynamic combination of several different flavors. Give one a try and see for yourself at https://www.vistavapors.com/premium-blends/.


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