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Flavor Friday: Sour Raspberries N Cream!

If you've ever watched a LIVE feed at VistaVapors, you know that Alex swears by Sour Raspberries n Cream. He vapes it all day, every day (okay, he tries different vape juices every once in a while). We sat down with Alex to get his thoughts as to why Sour Raspberries n Cream is his ADV; here they are! Q: So, what makes Sour Raspberries n Cream your all day vape? A: It begins and ends with how smooth the flavor is, really. I love the flavor itself so much, but there are a lot of flavors out there that I love. What makes this one different is how smooth of a vape it is, while still being incredibly flavorful. Sometimes, sweeter flavors or fruit flavors can end up getting boring or at least less exciting over time. I've never experienced that with Sour Raspberries n Cream. It's like my trusty old steed. It may not be the craziest flavor I've ever had, but it's delicious! Q: How would you compare this flavor to say, Wild Berry, since it's one of our most popular f…

Tech Tuesday: The Amigo VW80!

Amigo has been a wonderful company for devices that help beginners get into vaping, as well as making "stepping-stone" products that make it great to transition into sub-ohming and more. Today, I'll give a full rundown of the Vogue VW80, Amigo's first external-battery sub-ohm device! There's a really strong chance you've seen a post or two from us at VistaVapors about the Amigo products that we offer on the site. There's a reason for that! We stand behind Amigo and their products as a great avenue for beginner vapers. They've recently released this new mod, the Vogue VW80, and it's a terrific transition into sub-ohm vaping! With an available 80W capacity, you can run just about every sub-ohm tank, short of the super sub-ohm tanks, on the device! In addition, it runs in temperature control mode, so if you're looking to use Nickel, Titanium, or Stainless Steel wire in temperature control, you can also do that!  The mod itself weighs a lot. Like…

Doug Was Here! | An Interview With a Vista Vaper

As we've said before, we're like a family here at VistaVapors. Not only does it mean the world to us to be able to work alongside each other at Vista, but our customers are as much a part of the family as the employees are!  Just a few weeks ago, we had a very special visit to Vista from a very special person. We were extremely fortunate to get to meet Doug and his wife Jade, who are both customers of VistaVapors! Doug is a former smoker who kicked the habit after 15 years. After picking up vaping, he's seen drastic improvements in his health, and has made the transition all the way down to 0mg nicotine! For someone that was once a 3 pack a day smoker, that is an accomplishment no one can shake a finger at! Below is the video of the interview that Lance conducted with Doug.
Doug coming to visit was such a special treat for us here. Not only are he and his wife great people, but it was an incredible experience to hear the testimony from someone who has made the transition …

Tech Tuesday Is Back! Introducing the Smok V8 Stick Kit!

It's been a while since we last did a Tech Tuesday blog, but we're back at it with something really awesome! New to VistaVapors, the Smok V8 Stick is a relatively new release from Smok that takes a simple approach to a great vape! You'll notice in the picture that there's only one button on the battery of this kit, and that's what simplicity is all about! No need to mess around with wattage, voltage, external batteries, temperature control...none of that. With the Smok V8 Stick kit, you're getting a high-volume tank with a low-ohm coil that will produce tons of vapor, but all you've got to do is click one button!  The battery is a 3000mAh unregulated cell, so when it's fully charged it will output at around 4.2 volts. As the battery loses life, it will lose power down to around 3.4 volts, at which point you'll need to throw it on a charger.  Atop the battery sits the newest iteration of the Cloud Beast tank, the Big Baby Beast! It holds approximate…

Vistavapors - What Makes Us Different?

The Vaping Industry is Booming...and Booming...What Makes VistaVapors Different From Other Companies? The vaping industry is in the middle of what may be one of those historical movements in Public Health; one that will be reflected on for generations. Amidst the growth of the industry, companies have popped up left and right to jump on the hype wagon, and each one is looking for that edge to peak interest over their competition. Our journey in the realm of vaping began in 2013, when we decided that affordability and top-quality product and service were the most important values we could bring to the table. But what makes us different than anyone else? It all begins with our work environment here at VistaVapors. We're not just an online vape juice company, we're not just a juice manufacturer, we're a family. All cheesiness aside, it's true, we're a family around here. The passion we all share for each other and our customers is far beyond anywhere any of us have e…