Flavor Friday: Sour Raspberries N Cream!

If you've ever watched a LIVE feed at VistaVapors, you know that Alex swears by Sour Raspberries n Cream. He vapes it all day, every day (okay, he tries different vape juices every once in a while). We sat down with Alex to get his thoughts as to why Sour Raspberries n Cream is his ADV; here they are!
Q: So, what makes Sour Raspberries n Cream your all day vape?
A: It begins and ends with how smooth the flavor is, really. I love the flavor itself so much, but there are a lot of flavors out there that I love. What makes this one different is how smooth of a vape it is, while still being incredibly flavorful. Sometimes, sweeter flavors or fruit flavors can end up getting boring or at least less exciting over time. I've never experienced that with Sour Raspberries n Cream. It's like my trusty old steed. It may not be the craziest flavor I've ever had, but it's delicious!
Q: How would you compare this flavor to say, Wild Berry, since it's one of our most popular flavors?
A: That's a good question! Honestly, it's tough to compare flavors that have very different profiles. Wild Berry is an exclusively fruit flavor, while Sour Raspberries n Cream has the cream inclusion. The berries in Wild Berry are more robust than with the Sour Raspberries, where the sour and cream meld together to make a gentler vape. 
Q: If you had to describe Sour Raspberries n Cream in one word, what would it be?
A: Reliable
Q: Reliable? Okay...why??
A: I've never had a bottle of Sour Raspberries n Cream that I couldn't vape. It's just about the only thing I vape, and that's because I know the profile and love it.
Well, there you have it! Alex loves him some Sour Raspberries n Cream! You will too! Head over to www.vistavapors.com/sour-raspberries-n-cream/ and snag a bottle! Check out the reviews while you're at it! :)


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