Tech Tuesday: The Amigo VW80!

Amigo has been a wonderful company for devices that help beginners get into vaping, as well as making "stepping-stone" products that make it great to transition into sub-ohming and more. Today, I'll give a full rundown of the Vogue VW80, Amigo's first external-battery sub-ohm device!
There's a really strong chance you've seen a post or two from us at VistaVapors about the Amigo products that we offer on the site. There's a reason for that! We stand behind Amigo and their products as a great avenue for beginner vapers. They've recently released this new mod, the Vogue VW80, and it's a terrific transition into sub-ohm vaping!
With an available 80W capacity, you can run just about every sub-ohm tank, short of the super sub-ohm tanks, on the device! In addition, it runs in temperature control mode, so if you're looking to use Nickel, Titanium, or Stainless Steel wire in temperature control, you can also do that! 
The mod itself weighs a lot. Like, a lot. It's really heavy, but that's because there's so much material built around the board. It just feels well-built, and that goes a long way with a vaping device. 
As far as vape quality goes, I've noticed that the ramp-up time for your coils is really minimal. Meaning, the amount of time before you can take a full draw on your tank after you hit the fire button is almost instantaneous; which means you're not waiting for your coils to heat up for a long time before you take a hit! There's not a lot going on on the LED screen of the device, and it has an automatic power-down for the screen that's built-in, which conserves battery life also. We're big fans of that, too. 
If you're looking for a nice upgrade from a Vogue 50W, or you are just in need of a new device that can give you a little more power, check out the Amigo Vogue VW80! Until then, you know the drill, VAPE ON!

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